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Is my finger broken or fractured? Maybe the bone is bruised?

Asked by CupcakesandTea (353points) July 29th, 2010

I wrecked on my bicycle about a month ago. I naturally threw my hands out to break my fall but I ended up putting a lot of my weight on my left pinkie finger. It hurt quite a bit at the time but nothing bad enough that I needed to go to the emergency room. Well it’s been a month and it kinda aches now especially if I bend it. I’m not concerned enough to go to the doctor but I would like some opinions on what I’ve managed to do to my finger.

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Um, none of us can know what state your finger is in. You need to get it checked out by the doctor and have some x-rays done to be sure.

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My opinion is that if it’s still hurting a month later you certainly did more than bruise a bone (if there even is such a thing.)

A sprain or strain would have healed by now. The most likely is that it was broken, even if only a small break. It has now knit together crookedly and that’s impinging upon nerves, hence the pain.

I’m not a doctor. That’s just a
likely scenario based upon common sense.

Anything minor, short of a break would have healed by now. If you are still having pain, that’s most likely why.

Obviously, the only way to determine for sure is to see a doctor who will most likely order X-Rays.

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what part hurts. the tip, near the hand, on a knuckle, somewhere in between?

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@daytonamisticrip the middle part of my finger. It really doesn’t hurt that bad I would say on a scale of 1–10 its a low 2.

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is it on a knuckle?

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It is impossible to say without an x-ray and/or a physical examination. If you cannot afford or do not have access to these, rest it for six weeks and see what happens. Most simple fractures heal within six weeks unless further trauma delays the healing process.

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If you are not going to a Dr., Splint it for 2 weeks to give a fair chance to heal and go on…even bad strains and sprains will take some time to be pain or ache free. I broke my finger 4 years ago and it will still ache when I really use it lifting etc.

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If you want to know, go to the doctor. We could speculate until the sun failed to rise.

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You likely fractured something. Unfortunately, an X-ray is required to determine with any kind of certainty anything subtler than the glaringly obvious. NSFW, by the way.

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@Nullo That’s a Halloween stick-on thing!

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@le_inferno That’s what I get for posting in the wee hours of the morning, I guess. :D
This should do it, then. Much more likely to be NSFW.

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