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Best worms for composting?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) July 29th, 2010

I started a compost bin and I need to know what types of worms are best to buy to put in it. I put a couple earthworms in it but I think I need a few pounds worth of worms and the right kind. Red worms?

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I think your best bet would be to pick more earthworms.

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earth worms. they eat dirt and when they poop it out it has more nutrients. also i forget what their called but the small white ones. don’t put red worms they’ll eat the plants. rake your yard and add leaves. put old coffee grounds. this will put nutrients in the soil. put a few spiders in there. they will control pest population.

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Red worms, I have a buddy with a sizable composting operation in Barstow, Ca, and he uses red worms. I am not sure if this is the actual name, but they are red, I seen em. Supposedly he uses them because they do a better job, and breed faster.

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their smaller and commonly feast on plants

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Here you go! Just found this link; It should help:

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My brother-in-law ordered 1000 earthworms for my sister’s new garden. Then he laid the worms out on top of the newly enriched and tilled soil, one by one. Then they watched the birds pick off all the worms, one by one. Remember to dig the worms in.

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I never bothered to get worms. They showed up on their own and have been proliferating rapidly. I don’t know what your composter is like, nor where you live, but perhaps they’ll show up on their own.

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@wundayatta perhaps they’ll show up on their own.

That was my experience. I had a compost pile. No walls, floor or ceiling. Just a pile. And the worms were huge!

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I, too, have a compost pile aka garbage dump. Since everything is vegetative matter, if you dump it, they will come. I have many worms, but all subsoil unless it has been raining.

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Whichever ones are rolling around in Mozart’s coffin, is my guess.

…Oh, composting. I’d think that a standard earthworm or ten ought to do a pretty good job. They ought to show up on their own, but if they don’t, go check out the local bait shop.

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two words…“Red Wrigglers”
You can buy them online and they’re by far the best

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