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Hook up XBox to monitor without signal degradation?

Asked by MisterBlueSky85 (892points) March 21st, 2008

I have a Dell WFP2007 that accepts s-video in. I plugged my old XBox (pre-360) into it by converting the XBox’s yellow composite jack to s-video via adapter and the remaining red and white audio cables to a standard line-in via a y-cord. (Pretty standard.)

Everything works, but the XBox video quality suffered somehow. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong – should I set my monitor to a different resolution? Or do I need to change a setting on the XBox?

Thanks a lot! <3 Fluther.

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You might try getting an s-video adaptor for the xbox. My guess is that it lies in that converter that you have.

Is the Dell an LCD?

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Thanks for your response.

The Dell is an LCD monitor, yes. The converter I got is nothing special – just something from Radioshack. I can’t imagine a special M$ brand converter being that much better, though I guess they’re only $10 anyway…

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