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Ohio State, or University of Michigan?

Asked by josie (29323points) July 29th, 2010

My favorite quarter of the year is approaching-college football season. I am a Buckeye, I am proud to say it.
If you follow or are somehow associated with the Big Ten, you understand the blood rivalry between OSU and U of M and you probably have a position.
If you are any kind of college football fan, you at least know about the rivalry.
For the record, I do not hate Michigan, and in post season bowl games I always cheer for them to win-they are after all our Big Ten cousins.
But in the regular season, I want them to win or lose only depending on how it helps my beloved Buckeyes. What about you?

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I didn’t have a team and always cheered on the Illini, but a relative earned his sheepskin at Michigan and when I read about the rivalry that was as fierce as the Bears and Greenbay I was hooked! Hail! Hail to Michigan!!

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OSU. For us it’s Alabama/Auburn. We still have stores that close on the day of that game!!!

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I’m a lifelong Michigan fan who attends Michigan State. It’s fun to root against your own school.

Oh, and Buck the Fuckeyes.

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I live in WV, so the whole Coach Rodriguez fiasco leaves a bad taste in my mouth. So out of dislike for Coach Rod, I root for anyone that plays against Michigan. Even if it is those Ohion’s that can’t drive. :-)

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I live in Ohio and my family is split between the two. I’m on the OSU side of the family by default, though I don’t even watch football. My side was forcibly chosen for me. hah.

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Is there a lesser of two evils? I don’t think so. What the hell is a buckeye, anyway?

Go Penn State!

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@wundayatta A buckeye is a worthless nut. :-)

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BUCKEYES ALL THE WAY! I am a graduate of The Ohio State University and a huge Buckeyes fan. Go Buckeyes!

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Meh, even though I’m a die hard Michigan fan I don’t really hate OSU that much. I’m far more annoyed by Michigan State.

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@chyna A Buckeye is a POISONOUS nut you bum :)

My family is from M*ch*g*n. All scUM fans. My mother graduated from the school up north.

I was born and raised in Toledo, and have been a life long OSU fan. Graduated from THE Ohio State University last year, still live in Columbus, and loving every minute of scUM sucking :).



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I live in Columbus, Ohio, and I now and forever will say: GO BLUE!

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First of all, its THE Ohio State University.

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@tablack01 Oh god, I have to hear that on the radio EVERY morning. Not on Fluther too!

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You are probably just jealous.

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