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Have you seen the movie Moon?

Asked by Berserker (33519points) July 29th, 2010

And if so, what were your thoughts?
I also give a warning, if you have not seen this but plan to, it may be a good idea to stay out of the thread, since it might contain spoilers, and this movie’s all about that. You’ve been warned. :) Thoughts?

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I really liked the movie, but it was quite slow moving. I’m sure it wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I thought it was very well done. (I actually reviewed this movie, for poofandmook’s blog!)

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@augustlan Yeah, it certainly isn’t for everyone…I don’t even like si fi that much, (If this IS that genre, I’m not actually sure.) but dude, this was the David Lynch of si fi lol.

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I thought everything about it was pretty damn good. Even down to Kevin Spacey’s voice work, and the ‘emoticons’ on GERTY’s screen. (Here’s a link to the review, in case you’re interested.)

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…I had to see it in French, so I missed his voice. Thanks for the link though. Imma check go check that out.

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Oh, man. Spacey’s voice was perfect. I can’t even imagine it without him!

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I loved the story—and I’m a huge Sam Rockwell fan.

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I loved the story, I thought sam rockwell was amazing in the movie. Having spacey as GERTY was awesome especially the little faces, like the sad face i couldnt help but laugh every time.

My only thing i would have liked to see different is I would want just a little more of what happened once he made it back to earth. Like ok…now what happened?

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I liked it. I was expecting something else, so I was surprised and happy at the way it turned out.

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@uberbatman I know…that was a little disappointing, and confusing too. On Wiki it says that Lunar was charged with crimes against humanity and it collapsed, but then you hear some talkshow dude saying that that Sam is probbaly some psycho and should be locked up. O_o

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It’s on my “to see” list. J’s English is improving quickly, but it wouldn’t be fair to have her sit through a film where she only understands half of what is said.

@Symbeline The version you saw was dubbed in French? Maybe I can get a DVD of that some time.

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Hopefully. We watched it online though lol.

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It was good. The visual effects were especially good.

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