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Do you have the much wanted baby face?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20770points) July 29th, 2010

I mean those who are over 30–35, do you have that kind of face that never seems to age? The baby face that makes you look much much younger and fresher than you actually are!

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Yes. I get it from my dad’s side of the family.

39 going on 29 ;)

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Hell no, but I’d be pretty fit to keep scarecrows away from some farmer’s garden. :D

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@Symbeline , I am not impressed with your answer, I really don’t think you could be used for something like that!!!

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@ZEPHYRA I’m not tryina pull a emo trip or nothing, I think I just dyed my hair too much when I was a teenager and now it’s FUBAR lol.

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What business is it of yours if I steal faces off babies??

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@papayalily That’s some disturbing shit dude.

Wanna see my collection? :D

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@Symbeline okay sorry, I just hate to see people putting themselves down! I did not mean anything by that comment!

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@ZEPHYRA No worries. Wasn’t trying to make you feel bad or nothing. :)

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Yes but I have the balls of a seventy year old.

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I guess so. Most people aren’t able to correctly guess my age just by looking at me. I’m not sure this is always a good thing. Sometimes I feel insulted.

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Yes. I still get carded and I am almost forty.

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When I see an attractive naked woman, (okay the wife) then yeah I can pull the cutest ickle baby face. An expression of wonder, large transfixed eyes & obligatory drool from side of mouth.

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