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Do squirrels make good pets?

Asked by deepseas72 (1076points) March 21st, 2008 from iPhone
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to hillbillies, yes.

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<insert squirbel joke here>. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

I would have to say…no.

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hm do they bite?? They bite nuts hard.

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it depends. i know someone who raised baby ones that were abandoned by their mother. eventually they had to let them go, because they are wild animals.

on a sidenote…when i was in high school, we had someone catch one and let it loose in the library…quite the scene.

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Yeah, adult wild squirrels tend to go nuts… when confined. They may do things like try to dig through your wall to escape, and they can dig through wood surprisingly quickly while going nuts.

On the other hand, baby squirrels raised in a home can be ok for a while – I know of two examples, but I would definitely consult a local “licensed wildlife rehabilitator” (do a web search for your area) for advice, which my guess will tend to be “no, let it go” or “no, let us nurse it back to health and release it”.

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Flying squirrels do I had one when I was a kid

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Are you mentally ill? Why would you consider caging a beautiful wild animal for a pet? This is the most insane thing.

I’m calling PETA.

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I guess I should have specified…....I am not talking about wild animals. I’m talking about handfed petshop-bought squirrels.
You can buy monkeys in a pet shop, but I’ve heard that they make poor pets….get the drift here?

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Nonononononononononononono. They are not pets. Wild animals. Not pets.

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Well at least squirbels are domesticated and rabies-free :)

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Protect your nuts…

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