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Anyone have any good remedies for upset stomach due to pregnancy?

Asked by rzmustang (19points) March 21st, 2008 from iPhone

My wife has had an upset stomach for two weeks now and ginger ale or Ginger root has not worked.

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Saltines & Tums worked for my girlfriend.

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Sprite and salted crackers seems to work for me. But with her being pregnant I am not to sure about how helpful it will be.

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Keep a ziploc bag of saltines by the bed so that she can have one before she gets up and moving around – that helped me. Also, I heard from many women (unfortunately after I was done having my babies) that those marine bands you place around your wrists for motion sickness work wonders. I think you can find them in sports stores. And my congratulations to you both – kiddos are awesome.

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milk worked for me

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