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What's a good way to get rid of an ear infection at home?

Asked by MerMaidBlu (416points) July 30th, 2010

My ears feel like they have water clogging them and so far that’s really the only symptom I have-I have not been swimming in order to cause this. I’ve use peroxide on a q-tip but it only seems to work for a couple of days. Any ideas?

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Call a Doctor.

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Hydrogen peroxide will help, turn your head to the side and actually allow the hydrogen peroxide to go into your ear, let it hang there a couple minutes and bubble and then turn onto your other side and let it drain out
HOWEVER if the area feels warm to the touch or is tender, go to the doctor

I’ve read online remedies, do not put anything warm or hot oil into your ear canal, as if you are developing an infection the warmth will dilate the blood vessels of the area and exacerbate the situation and possibly further irritate the inner ear

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Call a doctor. My dad had recurring ear infections. He eventually had to have rotten bones taken out of his left ear. That resulted in deafness in that ear.

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⅓ tea spoon alcohol (rubbing alcohol) mixed with ⅔ tea spoon vinegar works wonders for me! This helps with ear infections, swimmers ear, too much wax in your ears, and even gets rid of dogs ear infections.
The alcohol does burn a little as it dries out the goop and water but the few seconds of burn is WAY worth it. However DO NOT put this into your ears cold, let is sit out on the counter in a small cup to war up a little befor using it.. And once it has warmed up to the air take an eye droppers and put 3–4 drops in each ear. (make sure you lay down on each side to give the drops a chance to work their way into your ear canal.) Trust me on this one. It works wonders for me.

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Do not put a q-tip into your ear. Only use it on the rim, outside. Even better, use a large cotton ball, or a cotton wash cloth to wick out the home remedy you choose.

Your hearing is a very important thing, don’t take chances, see your doctor.

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Take the ear to a doctor.

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