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Backup SMS on Samsung Behold?

Asked by hungerforpizza (247points) July 30th, 2010

How do I backup the text messages on my Samsung Behold to my computer? I have a computer running Windows Vista, and I can get access to a Snow Leopard machine.

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I’m not sure about that particular phone, but on my droid I have a program called SMS backup. It automatically moves any text I receive into my Gmail under an SMS label and marks it as read.

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The Behold doesn’t run Android OS

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I had a friend ask me this same question, but for a different phone. However, my solution should work for any type of phone.

I invited my friend to Google Voice. Then all my friend had to do was forward the messages that he wanted to backup to his Google Voice number and they would be available online.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need a GV Invite… Not sure if you need one anymore or not.

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@MebiByte Interesting, one of my friends has a GV account i’ll ask her

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@hungerforpizza I know, I just thought maybe the same people wrote an app for yours.

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