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Do you love any singers or groups that were favorites of your parents?

Asked by Austinlad (16298points) July 30th, 2010

I was becoming a teenager and developing my tastes in music at a major inflection point in modern music history: when so-called popular music that my parents (Sinatra, Torme, Como and even earlier singers.) was handing off to rock & roll (Bill Haley, Presley, The Platters, etc.), So the music I love today is a mix of all that. I can get off on Como and Oye Como Va, Bing Crosby and Crosby/Stills/Nash/Young, the Andrews Sisters and the Pointer Sisters, and the list goes on into infinity. How about you?

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The Beatles,Frank Sinatra,Luciano Pavorotti,Strauss waltzes and Scott Joplin tunes :) to name a few

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Well I don’t love them but my Mum was a Beatles nut & part of that rubbed off on me. As for any others, good god no!

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@Austinlad : We must be in the same generation, I feel the same way but you put it it much more evocatively than I could have :-)

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Simon & Garfunkle

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Love the big band era, Glen Miller, etc.

About 8 years ago after I divorced I moved into a little 30’s style bungalow in the woods. It was my healing and transistional home for 2.5 years and I decorated in a 30’s theme and played big band music every night, lace curtains blowing in the wind. My new home the last 4 years is more ethnic/modern but I still have one bohemian 30’s type room where I go to listen to the big band sounds. :-)

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Fat’s Waller…My dad is an old time ragtime/jazz/dixieland piano player and we listened to songs like The Darktown Strutters’ Ball all the time. Brings back great memories!

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Tracy Chapman, Bob Dylan, general hippy stuff

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My favorite musicians and bands are almost all from my parents’ and grandparents’ list of favorites.

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There’s a lot, I can’t remember them all.

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The only one you mentioned that I like is Sinatra. Tony Bennett is my favorite. His piano player is a “10.” Perry Como , while a very nice man, was so boring. I like the Andrews Sisters ok.
But they did not listen to them. They only listened to The Mulcay’s (Kiss in the Dark), Sons of the Pioneers, Willie Nelson (later) and
Jackie Gleason. At the time they were playing Those records, I was into Julie London and Dave Brubeck. Happy days.

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@Aster, totally agree. I forgot to mention Bennett. I met him some years ago. Quiet, unassuming, incredibly talented. Jackie Gleason’s music still sounds contemporary today.

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The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Moody Blues, Blue Oyster Cult and Kiss.

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The Smiths and Depeche Mode.
My mom was a child of the ‘80s.

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I really like big band music. Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey etc.

It was that influence when I was a little kid that prompted me to want to play trumpet in my later grade school and high school years. (Actually, I originally wanted to play Trombone, as I just loved the sound, but had to switch to trumpet cuz my arms were too short to make the slide reach all the notes :)

Even now, I love watching the PBS re-runs of the old Lawrence Welk shows every Saturday Afternoon.

He was such a consummate musician and picked the best talent over the years. Plus the shows in color were done in the early days when it was such a novelty and their set designer and costumers really went to town on the color schemes. You wouldn’t think that an orchestra of guys dressed in Robins Egg Blue suits would look anything but ridiculous but everything was tailored so well and everything was so professionally done that it still looks great.

These shows really have held up over time because they were just so well done.

Anyone else remember New Years Eve with Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians ?

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Oh my…Lawrence Welk! That brings back memories of my grandmother who was a L.W. addict….many nights at grandmas with that show blaring at about volume 63 so gramma could enjoy the full monty of the Welk lineup!


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Well, now that it’s regularly re-run on PBS you can enjoy it at a normal sound level :D

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All of them. But then I love all music.

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