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Where do you get your news?

Asked by credo99 (20points) March 21st, 2008

I watch CNN a lot lately but am getting sick of them. I also watch Fox just for a laugh.

BBC online seems to be a good, neutral choice.

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from the “funnies” in the news and four Germans. Ad random as that sounds its all true. I am jaded to traditional news gathering.

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local Sunday paper
local TV
that slut Katie Couric ;-)
news feeds from:,,

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CNN, Yahoo, Fox, The Daily Worker, Time, National Review.

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the onion, reddit, digg

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newscientist, popurls, friends.

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-The Economist. It rocks; well written and often with a Brit twist.
-I also like watching Fox to keep things clear of the “spin zone”

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NPR, HuffingtonPost, Google News, Wired

SquirrelEStuff's avatar, yahoo,, cspan(facts, not opinions),, I check mainstream media sometimes. Rawstory oftens reports stories weeks ahead of MSM.

Most importantly, talk radio. I listen to everything on Sirius, right and left. Also, Thom hArtmann in NY on 1600 am

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NYT; NPR; BBC; Slate; Truthout; AP updates on my home page.

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and occasionally I peek at Drudge

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BBC isn’t neutral, Reuters is…

I get my news online from these sources, via RSS:

The New York Times
Washington Post
Engadget (weak)
Huffington Post
Marginal Revolution
& a slew of Apple fansites.

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Web: NYTimes
TV: The News Hour with Jim Lerher, Washington Week, Bill Moyers Journal, Frontline. All PBS.

I really do love The News Hour with Jim Lerher, though. It really is the most boring newscast on TV. I have to force myself not to change the channel, but I do so because I believe that the news shouldn’t come with sound effects.

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Digg, Queerty, Towleroad, Popnography, TorrentFreak, /Film, Twitch.

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I’m gonna say digg. I like it cause I go to one source for a lot of information, not just tech stuff. But for tech engadget. And occasionally

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The ABC (NOT the American ABC, but the totally unrelated Australian Broadcasting Corporation). The ABC is pretty much the Australian equivilent of the BBC – they’re both highly reputable sources.

And the ABC are commercial-free because they’re funded by the government (even their TV channels don’t have ads, just like the BBC).

Plus, the ABC News site is really nicely designed, too ^_^.

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I do miss “The Weekly World News” since it went out of business. Anybody have any updates on Bat-Boy or the aliens who visit congress?

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The Daily Show

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Kiro and BBC…mostly BBC

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