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Does anyone want to help me decide on paint colors for my bathroom?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26784points) July 30th, 2010

I am obsessing over painting my bathroom lately, but I’m having trouble making a decision. It’s not awful, it’s actually a nice color, I just don’t want to look at it anymore.

Right now it is a sage green with a little bit darker green painted over it with a textured roller. It has oak trim and chair rails and the tub/vanity and toilet are sort of an eggshell/off white.

I plan to paint the bathroom a neutral shade of beige or tan (my house has a TON of color, I need a few neutral rooms.) My problem is with the trim. I want to paint it white – but I’m assuming that will clash with my fixtures. I don’t have the money or the desire to replace my entire bathroom, so will that force me to paint the trim in something that matches the vanity? Or would white and off-white be alright together?
Another color completely? What are your thoughts?

Please don’t jump down my throat about painting the wood.. this house has tons and tons of natural woodwork that has never been painted. Honestly I’m tired of being a slave to the woodwork, trying to match every paint I choose to compliment the trim in the house is a nightmare. If you really think it’s best to just leave it, I’m willing to consider it.

I just need some ideas!

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Yes, you can do an off white with white trim. I used an off white, light almond color once in an apartment, it was a Behr’s paint, I wish I remembered the name of the color. You could mistake it for white, until you put it up against white, I had white trim in that apartment, and it looked great. My husband’s family used it in their houses after seeing mine. I used egg shell paint for the walls, which I recommend at minimum for a bathroom in terms of gloss.

I was in a model home that used a dark taupe and pastry bag white combination that I really liked.

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So you think that I can do the tan or beige walls, with white chair rails and trim.. despite the off white fixtures?

That is what I really had in mind, I’m just afraid it is going to clash. Your description sounds so pretty though, now I am feeling even more tempted :)

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the perfect color that won’t clash with any shade of white is Antique white. I Love that color. Darker than eggshell but nowhere near beige.

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@Probably. Tones of beige/off white should all work together. Is the rest of your trim in your house white? Is that why you want to change the bathroom to white? You could make the trim the same color as the fixtures and the walls a different color if you are not specifically trying to match the trim to the rest of the house.

I think that light beige I used was something frost? I’ll see if I get anything on the Behr website, it was many many many years ago.

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@JLeslie the rest of the trim in my house is wood. DARK wood.
I’m not trying to match the trim, no. I just wanted there to be a significant contrast between the walls and the trim. Maybe I can do more of a tan on the walls (rather than beige) and an off white for the trim and chair rails.

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Funny this should come up. My wife and I just had this discussion, She shot down all of my suggestions and accused me, correctly, of being color blind.

Of course that’s not strictly true. I can see reds and oranges, and yellows if they’re bright enough.

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@Ron_C my father is also colorblind, and he is one that likes to put his 2 cents in on every color choice that I make. He always accuses me of picking “ugly” colors but will later admit that most of them look like blurry shades of brown and grey, when in fact what he is looking at is often yellow or green.

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@TheOnlyNeffie My father likes the color blue, because he can see it.

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@TheOnlyNeffie I believe that your father and I share the same vision. I wonder if we are right and the rest of you see colors incorrectly.

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One day in the 1950s my grandparents argued about painting the bathroom. My grandmother had been nagging grandad to do it and in the end he said “Fine! Just tell be what colour and I’ll do it today.”

“It can be sky-blue-pink-with-black-dots for all I care, as long as you do it,” my grandma had replied.

Big mistake.

He painted 2 walls sky blue, the other 2 in baby pink, with big black circles randomly dotted around.

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@downtide Is your grandma from NY? My mother uses the term sky blue pink, and I have never heard anyone else use it

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She was English, from Norfolk. Saying “sky-blue-pink is pretty common in parts of east England.

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@JLeslie my grandmother was born in Poland, raised in West Virginia, and lived most of her adult life in Ohio – she said sky-blue-pink. :)

@Ron_C I just checked out a color blindness vision simulator, and I realised that I feel bad, now. Everything looks so.. murky. :(

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I’m partial to pale blue in bathrooms. I think pale (very pale – like, almost white) blue with white trim would be gorgeous. I don’t think the colour of the fixtures will matter much, if at all.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I love blue and white together. My entire kitchen and dinette is done in blue and white, although it’s more of a cobalt blue. That sounds very pretty, I will definitely pick up some pale blue paint swatches.

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I just did the colour blindness thing too.


It’s so weird!

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Wow, crazy!
This is the one that I found. It has an option to view images as though you had cataracts, also. Looks like a cool site to poke around when I get a chance.

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I made my bathroom into an aquarium. I painted the walls two shades of blue, thinning out to a lighter shade within one foot of the top. I bought some pearlescent lightbulbs for the light bar, and hung tropical fish from the ceiling. I added some seaweed in the corners, and on the chrome cabinets. The flooring is sandy ocean vinyl with embossed sea shells, and of course, the shower curtain is tropical fish, as are all the bathroom accessories. I even found tropical theme switch plate covers. The bath towels all have fish on them, as does the bath rug.

In the Master Bathroom, we painted the walls alternating gold and blue, and hung a mural (like this one, only plastic) showing a beach scene with palm trees. I bought a foil palm tree, which I hung in one corner. The floor is the same sandy vinyl sith embossed sea shells. The towels all have Palm Trees on them.

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@YARNLADY wow, it’s like being on vacation all the time :)

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i just saw this show on HGTV called Sarah’s House. The designer bought a house and designed room by room (one room per episode). She did a bathroom in a pale yellow with white and some gray. it looked very sophisticated, yet calm.

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@jca that sounds pretty, too. I love yellow!

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Pale yellow and grey is very nice. I have a relative with that combination in her living room, and Adrienne Vittadini had stores with that combo.

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I think you’ll be absolutely fine using white trim (with whatever color walls you choose), even though your fixtures are off-white. I always paint my trim white, no matter what else is going on in the room, and it always works.

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@augustlan : i paint my trim white also, and an advantage is it makes it stand out in a subtle way.

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Thanks for all of the input… I’m feeling much more confident about whatever I end up choosing, now :)

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@YARNLADY there’s an idea that even my wife likes. We even have wooden tropical fish already.

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Make it ‘50’s. Do a mint green and nice pink!!!!

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please post and tell us how it came out.

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@jca I will post pics, but we actually haven’t painted yet. Hopefully by next weekend. :)

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