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In what state have you found the friendliest people?

Asked by UScitizen (4273points) July 30th, 2010

This is a much more fun question for we travelers. Where have you found helpful and friendly people?

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First answer: rural Tennessee… not the cities…. the descendants of the Scotch Irish that went west from North Carolina. Nice people that will always help you, no matter where you are from.

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Right here in the land of aloha: Hawaii.

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I have found the friendliest people tend to live in rural settings. Regardless of the state. The further you get away from the cities the friendlier the people.

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I second what you, @UScitizen says. I’m a Tennessee native and I know from experience that the real Appalachian mountain people are extremely friendly. They are all mostly impoverished and they can seem a little odd, creepy, or overly religious for more urban peoples’ tastes, but they would literally give you the shirt off their back and their last bit of food if they thought you wanted it. People like to claim that Christian charity is a myth shrouded in hypocrisy. Not for these people.

Like I said before, though, no one area can claim a monopoly on friendly people, and it is unwise to paint with a broad brush.

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Iowa- the people in the cyclone state are as warm and friendly as I’ve ever encountered.

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I’ve lived in four states, visited many others. I think Texas is the friendliest.

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That’s really tough to answer. I’ve only been in 38 states (meaning I actually stayed there and not just an airport stopover). I’d have to agree with those that say in rural areas vs. big cities in general, one is more likely to experience friendlier people.

As for cities, having lived in Minneapolis/St. Paul area for two years, the natives there are surreally hospitable. It’s not because they rely on the tourism business to keep their city going; it’s just their culture. And while rarely venturing out of the surrounding area into more rural areas of the state, a fair amount of time was spent in western Wisconsin, and the same can be said for them.

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Southern California is probably the nexus of what could be considered unfriendly people. Going north, to San Francisco, it’s what is called a sanctuary city. You can literally go there with nothing, half crazy for real, with people after you, and throw yourself on the mercy of the town. Places that are more homeless friendly could be a way to determine this. I have been to places where it was nearly impossible to find a place just to lay down and rest.
@SufiClown Iowa rocks, I was so shocked at how nice these people were, I started looking for the camera’s.

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Illinois – particularly Chicago.

Though, that’s probably because it was a 13 hour layover, and the only people I met were my husband’s uncle and aunt.

I’ve lived in 2 states – New York, and Florida – where all the New Yorkers come to die slowly. I’m pretty used to rudeness.

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The friendliest Country I’ve ever visited was Egypt. However, New Zealand is a close second.

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Ok, I’m 100% northerner and I’m fairly biased against the deep south, but I have never met friendlier people than in Charleston SC. They make eye contact, smile, and say hi to strangers, what a concept!

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Well, I like New Yorkers, but, hey, I’m a Cancuck and they treated me great.

I haven’t been to many places, though. Florida, New York (City), Michigan and Texas.

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My parents said people were super friendly in Hawaii on Maui

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I live in the UK and have visited around twenty different countries. There is much I dislike about the US (mostly political), but of the countries I have visited I would have to rank you the highest for friendliness. In fact, we reserved Brits can find your friendliness a little disconcerting, I for one initially viewed it with suspicion, but soon came to realise that it was neither forced or artificial.

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@jjmah wait whaaaa you thought people in NYC were nice? I mean ny state is another story, but nyc….... assssssssholessssssss :P

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@Rewgreen, glad you liked us. Come back anytime. (And I’m not being sarcastic or facetious in the least… do come back if you like)

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@uberbatman Both times that I was there, people were wonderful.

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Oregon, Colorado, and Montana.

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I heard that the folks in Charleston are cool, though. I’m going to be heading down there with the missus for the American Thanksgiving.

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with my job i have traveled all over this country, and still believe my home state of kentucky is the freindliest i have ever been to

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@jjmah facinating. Ive been there a couple times and found nothing but assholes. Did you drive at all in NYC cause that has a lot to do with the asshole factor.

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@uberbatman We took taxis, the subway and walked. No problems nor issues with people.

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@jjmah lucky SOB :P

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Michigan. Not only friendly, but not judgemental, very welcoming.

If you ask me what country, I say Scotland.

@uberbatman I agree with @jjmah NYers are friendly and helpful. Just a few month ago my girlfriend from MI was saying how incredible NYers were when she needed help or asked for directions. They were sure to give specific detail on what subway to take, which way to walk when exiting, cared about giving good info and being helpful, and they are very social. Back in the day of the pay phone, when I did not have change and someone could not break my dollar with exact change someone has more than once given me a quarter. My grandmother when she fell on the street, two people, strangers, helped her up into a shop on the corner. They waited with her until the ambulance came.

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Spain, then the UK.

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I have seen at least 30 of the states. Wisconsin wins by a big margin.

I also agree with you @WestRiverrat. I’ve always found our rural neighbors to be more friendly.

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I thought you meant what state of mind, lol. Seriously, I have found friendly people in my state, which is California. For someone born and raised in the north and in the city, usually down in the south they are friendly. Places like Lodi and beyond. They ask you how you are doing at the drive-thru in Lodi. In Sacramento: “What do you want?” LOL.. that’s the mentality I get here anyway.

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@JLeslie people from ny state are nice, yes, but the city is just….....

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@uberbatman I mean NYC, Manhattan actually. The subway is in NYC. The least friendly in NY state is probably Long Island as a broad generalization.

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Unfortunately I have only been to a handful of states. I think this depends where in each state you go to. I would say North Carolina however.

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@uberbatman Wow which part? I’m mnot saying NYC is my number one choice, but I would never say it is an unfriendly city.

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I have been to Greenwich village, china town,soho, little italy, and times square. Most peopple seemed very rude. Asking people for directions was horrible, they just gave you this displeasing stare like “outsider” and were reluctant to tell you where anything was. Around SOHO I had more than a few people bump into me and even if its their fault I always say im sorry but they either all said nothing, give ugly stares or muttered some obscenity.

The worst though was driving. I hate that nj gets the rep for bad drivers. like fuck. Complete assholes. The idea of a turn signal is foreign to them, I had one person just laying on the horn yelling shit at me and telling me to go back to jersey cause i was stopped in the road (BEHIND A FUCKING CAR) so i was supposed to somehow drive through the car and continue on down the road?

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A number of years back Rochester NY was rated the friendliest city in America. Some university did a study checking a number of aspects they considered contributed to a city’s friendliness.For example, they randomly left wallets with money in them in major cities and kept track of the number that were returned with and without the cash. They asked people for directions and timed how long the people were wiling to give answers. They asked for change to use the telephone or the bus. They talked to strangers and timed the conversations. They looked at traffic habits and how easily it is to merge if you put on your turn signal. Rochester NY came out on top.

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People in Indianapolis are incredibly friendly. They make eye contact and smile or say “hello” on the streets.

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TeXas fer shur, y’all. But I have met friendly people everywhere, even where I least suspected- like NYC

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All these places with friendly people! Kinda makes me wonder why there’s so much bad news.

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in a drunken one.

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where i live in colorado, everyone is really friendly. thats why i love it so much. and i think everyone is so friendly because they all love it just as much. how can you not? you see mountains every morning and theyre so fuckin pretty and breathtaking and mindblowing and they make you think “holy shit! earth is so cool, and i am so lucky.” which makes for a good day, every day.

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I’m a fairly friendly person so I generally find friendly people wherever I go. That being said, just watch your back in Texas, and other parts of the south. They might be very friendly and polite to your face, but don’t for a minute think they aren’t saying all sorts of things about you the minute you leave the room. Yankees just tell you to your face what Southerners are saying about you behind your back :) (this is the same answer I would post for the question about the unfriendliest states).

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actually make that an ecstasy pilled up state.

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(I’ve spent time in all 50 states.)

First time in NYC I got off the plane and walked to an ATM. There was a long line. At the front of the line was the cutest little old couple you’ve ever seen, from some Greek or Italian hinterland, trying to figure it out. After about 10 seconds a group of young local guys in expensive suits started ribbing them: “Hellooooooww” “Hey Babushka – hit the ‘get-a-fuckin’-clue button’.” I think the woman literally started to cry under her black shawl – which just made the three guys chuckle in victory that a couple had left the line.

I’ve spent quite a few weeks in NYC. I guess it’s not that bad – once you get the black humor of it, and learn not to misstep.

Outside of the US?, Kansai prefecture Japan, is – hands down – the nicest people I’ve met from any region.

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I think coincidence has a lot to do with what I think about it. It “so happens” that I’ve met and still meet a lot of very friendly people in Texas (especially ugly west Texas) but I also met and knew a lot of people in Colorado and found them to be outgoing ( I think brought on by the magnificent scenery I miss to the point of discomfort). I’ve never had a bad feeling about people in any state with the exception of Washington DC. But if I lived there I might find it friendly. Who knows?
It appears to me that people who have less income tend to be friendlier than those with more income. Just a speculation.

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oh yeah, i should add i spent a lot of time in various parts of Utah this summer and everybody was just sooooooooooooo nice. i’m not a fan of the 3.2 beer, harsh drug laws, or mormon influence on everything though, which is why i’ll never ever live there. a shame because its so damn pretty.

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@deni I grew up in Las Vegas, and there are many Mormons that live there. My best friend was Mormon, and I couldn’t believe how friendly her family, and all of their church friends were. Yeah, you can’t drink soda and beer, and they always prayed before a meal, but other than that, they would do anything to help out a stranger. They never forced their lifestyle on anyone, but they were welcoming and never let a person feel like they were being left out. Nicest people I ever met. srsly :)

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I think Mormons are wonderful , too. They are so nice that my daughter thought they were scary!
I wonder , since they’re so nice and friendly, why Utah has the highest rate of Prozac use in America amongst the women? I mean I know what their pressures are but I’m just sayin’

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Hawaii is the only state I’ve been to, other than CA, where people did not stare me down because I have tattoos and a wife. Really, people. How friendly others are to you has a lot to do with how you appear to them.

Even in cities in CA I see this attitude. Anywhere away from the coast and people look at me like I’m a creature from another planet.

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New York and New Orleans. California has to be the worst State.

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I have been to at least 34 of our wonderful states, I have to say that I have run into so many friendly people in all of them, and just a handful of not-friendly ones. The only place I haven’t seen too much of is the Deep South. Sometimes I wonder if it’s not a reflection of oneself, when one finds so many unpleasant people around. I also think there are differences in different regions and if you are not used to, or unaware of the “ways” of the locals, maybe you would think of them negatively. Someone once said that for a man to have friends he must show himself friendly. I think that is good advice.

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