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How do you treat your curly hair?

Asked by CherrySempai (1137points) July 30th, 2010

Sorry to everyone who doesn’t have curly hair, you can disregard this question. :( (Unless you have your own insight!)

I’ve heard many different things from hair dressers about how I shouldn’t wash my hair everyday, sometimes condition without shampooing first, use so and so product, never use so and so product, etc etc etc.

So, to everyone here with curly hair, how do you treat your’s and keep it behaving?! I generally flat iron my hair a lot, and then create my own curls (as shown in my avatar), but it takes an hour to flat iron my hair, which seems a waste of time….

And a second question would be, how do you style your’s?

(Description of my curls: Thick, somewhat tight ringlets, stubborn.) Thanks. :)

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Oh well I am not sure if you are talking only about white-people-curly-hair or just who ever who has curly hair:) Anyway, i have a kinky afro hair, really curly..but now I have noticed that my hair is becoming much softer:O:O:O
I use Blue Magic Hair Conditioner as my scalp moisturizer, and I use DELON shampoo, and I also just use whichever conditioner I find sometimes I only was with shampoo.
Now my hair is in the afro, next week I’ll be getting braided hair extensions for school:D

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Gently. Very gently.
I’m too drunk to go into details HA!, but with curly hair, the best thing to do is manipulate it as little as possible, especially while it’s drying,
Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions =)

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LET IT CURL GURL. naturally curly hair is so beautiful no matter how wild and crazy it is. i didnt appreciate my waviness until just recently and now i’m like, wait, why do i own a flatiron?

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As a guy with a ponytail I can safely say I have no idea what you’re talking about. But I like girls with curly hair and I would like to advise women anywhere to enhance the curliness/frizzyness of their hair to it’s absolute maximum. Like afro-volume but in elegantly draped curls.

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I have an love my curly hair. I have done a lot of reading, experimenting and whatnot. I practically have a PhD in curly hair. Get a cup of tea and get comfy cause this is going to take awhile :)
1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!
2. Grow to love and accept your curls as they are. Fighting with your hair is ridiculous. It’s like fighting your shoe size or pant size it’s just not going to work and you will not look your most fabulous.
3. Never brush your hair dry. That is where the frizz comes from. You have to nurture you curls. And don’t brush your hair wet, the shaft is weakened in that state and it causes breakage.
4. Stop blow drying your hair. Curly hair is dryer and coarser than straight hair and needs moisture, that’s why our hair is curly. Drying, straightening…all this is murder on your hair. But if you must blow dry use a diffuser, this is not a joke and it’s not just an accessory that slows down the drying process. Also if you must blow dry, just dry the roots, the rest will dry quickly.
5. I hope this doesn’t get blanked out because I am mentioning a particular product line but…Get Ouidad products. It is the only product line that actually works for curly hair. Everything else out there is a lie. Trust me I have tried every possible brand and nothing makes my hair feel as smooth and silky as Ouidad. You can get them at Depending on much you have damaged your hair over the years, you will start to notice a difference in the texture of your hair in about a week to month. I would start with the Moisture line and you can move to Curl Play after your hair is back in shape. You know how you’re supposed to change your hair products every 90 days for resurgence? I tried that a few times and I have been using Ouidad for 5 yrs straight. There just isn’t anything better.
6. I no longer shampoo my hair every day. I shampoo every 3 days but you may not be comfortable with that depending on your activities. Curly hair should not be washed more than every other day but if you exercise exuberantly, work in a smelly environment…bar, fast food you might not feel comfortable going a day without washing your hair. Obviously you don’t want to walk around with smelly, sweaty hair.
7. In between washes I use a dry shampoo on my roots (scalp) to counteract the sebum (oil) produced naturally, but I do not produce much sebum. You again have to determine that for yourself. To answer your question about conditioning w/o shampooing that is an option but be mindful of the type of water you have.
8. Use a deep conditioner every week. I used to use the Ouidad deep conditioner but now I use an olive oil based aromatherapeutic blend that I make myself. If you are interested you can message me individually for the recipe. My hair is freaking amazingly soft, silky and not frizzy it is. My curls are perfectly defined. Oh and your hair is never going to be shiny…use a glazer if you care about that. I use that on special occasions and it works well.
9. I do not blow dry my hair and I use a leave-in conditioner daily, even on the days I don’t wash my hair.
10. I only use no-alcohol moisturizing gel and moisturizing mousse, no hair-spray (too much alcohol) and I let my hair dry naturally. But of course do what makes you feel the best you, you can be. I have a fantastic cut and have been babying my hair for years in order to get it to the point that I can just wake up, spritz with conditioner, redefine a few curls, fluff and go. I don’t think you should start cold turkey tomorrow because you won’t be comfortable with yourself.
11. Get your hair layered. If you let curls grow all one length it will weigh the curls down and give you that dreaded triangle look. You can get really long layers with the shortest starting at your shoulder, but I wouldn’t go any longer than that for the shortest layer. Also, I get the hair at the very top of my crown cut a little shorter for extra volume leaving the bangs and sides long…you don’t want to get into mullet territory…Oh and for good gods sake only go to a hairdresser that has been specially trained for curly hair. Curly hair and straight hair CAN NOT be cut the same. An no you do not have to pay $100 for a cut…usually stylists with curly hair understand the needs of curly hair and have been trained. Just ask.
I hope I didn’t bore you. I really should write a book. I have a million more tips. Also, I know this looks like a lot but it’s really not. Once you get in the routine of moisturize, moisturize, moisturize it takes no time at all. I probably spend about an hour on my hair a WEEK not including the overnight moisture treatment I do on Sunday night.
Have fun with you new amazing curls.  And email me directly if you have any more questions.

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excuse me but I think my hair is very shiny to be curly, and i blow dry it and straighten it often, i guess it depends on your hair type, i use the CHI shampoo and conditioner and it makes my hair just healthy, it helps my curls to be defined and it helps when i wanted straight, I wash and deep condition my hair every day tough, and this works for me, I am just sharing my opinion with you @CherrySempai , and we can’t generalize that what works on me will work on everybody, oh and also i cut my own hair every 2 weeks, just the tips, to keep the damaged ends from ruining the rest :)

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@Ludy you are correct, I did generalize about the shampoo, that was a mistake. Ouidad may not work as well on everyone as it works me. I forgot about that for a second. I just tried another brand recently and wanted to cry and it’s still on the market so someone must like it.
You are very special to have naturally shiny and curly hair, that is a very uncommon mixture I am so jealous.
So for the products @CherrySempai you will have to experiment for which one works for you. But you know which one I suggest:)

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I have bigger curls. My hair is pretty soft. I have a friend that has tighter curls and her hair is very coarse. She only washes her hair every 3 or 4 days and it never looks oily. I wash my hair daily. I like to use the Tigi Shmpoo and Conditioner called Curls Rock. My hair never looks frizzy when I use that. I had a very short pixie hair cut and now I’m letting it grow. I just have big curls and my hair looks pretty round right now. I just use some gel called Cashmere curls. It doesn’t make my hair crunchy at all. When my hair is longer I use something called Curls Up, and it defines the curls more.

The way I style my hair is to towel dry it very good and then put the gel in. Then I blow dry it upside down with a diffuser and scrunch as I blow dry. Then I use some hair spray that is for definition or scrunching, just whatever I happen to buy. I spray it all over my hair and scrunch it again. It’s big and round and I’ve grown to love it. Oh and if you ever cut your hair about shoulder length, make sure to get layers cut in it. If I don’t get layers I look a little like Roseanne Roseannadanna

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My hair is pretty curly. Not tight ringlets, but its a lot of relaxed big, frizzy, fluffy curls.
I don’t really mind it. Unless I’m going somewhere, I don’t straighten it. I actually prefer my hair in its natural state.
I don’t think that our hair is meant to be washed and conditioned every day. So if I have the weekend off and stay home, I don’t mess with it.

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MasterCuts (really) has an awesome serum in a small gray bottle with MC on it, four drops for shoulder length hair like ours. Work it all the way through, pin it up to shower, wide comb when you get out, and voila. Soft and smooth, wash once a week.

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I don’t curly persay. I do have wavy. I use a flat iron. Have you tried one of those. Wonderful…

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Haha, thanks so much everyone! :)

@deni Yeah, I’ve recently felt the same way about my hair! I used to HATE my curls, but now I love them (despite puberty making them all frizzy…) I still use a flatiron on my bangs, though =]

@Paxan8 Well, I was surprised when I found out that I already follow most of your tips! I can’t remember the last time I blowdryed because my hair is dry the second I turn the water off xD (actually I did try a diffuser once after seeing a youtube video this year), I wash every 3 days, I use a leave in conditioner when I don’t wash, I NEVER brush my hair (yet I have around 10 brushes/combs in my bathroom) because it’s absolute murder to the curls, and I do love my curls. :) I do know one product that might work for you, too (I’m not sure what’s in it!) but it’s called Curlz Rock and it’s part of the CatWalk line. I know you only trust Ouidad, but you should give this a shot =]! Just put it on after a shower (but don’t run your fingers through your hair or crunch it!) and it keeps curls non-frizzy all day! However, it doesn’t make your hair soft. =[ I will most definitely be buying Ouidad soon! I can’t take your layering tip, though, as you can see my hair isn’t that long, and layering is the worst thing I could do to it. =(

@Ludy Oh gosh, I’m jealous, too! I think my hair is just too curly, and the CHI shampoo and conditioner I have just killed it. You’re lucky you have shiny hair, I can’t even imagine. ^.^

@knitfroggy Oh my gosh, I love Curlz Rock!! It’s the only gel that actually works on my hair. =]

@janedelila Oh wow, I’ll have to try that! Thank you so much! :)

@Frenchfry I have tried those. =] I’ve been through 3 before I finally bought a CHI, and that’s the only one that works on my hair. . But I’m looking to find ways to treat my curly hair and refrain from straightening it! :) Thanks, though!

Thanks again, everyone!! I’ve got a lot of new things to try. ^_^

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Most day I rinse my hair instead of use shampoo or conditioner, comb in some oil, blow dry my bangs and let the rest air dry. Most of the time this will mean my hair will show a wave instead of loose ringlets but on the days I detect frizz instead of curls then I’ll comb my hair into a ponty tail wrapped with a few bands down the length of it and then release it slightly damp to comb out and spray in place later. Only when I’ve got a job interview or a fancy dinner to go to will I blow dry the entire head of hair and then flat iron.

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I just do this easy thing, i use shampoo and condition haha, forget the blow and the iron they just make your hair a disaster, just let it be, dry it with a towell. and maybe a cream but natural is the best

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