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Does Fluther have an Iphone app?

Asked by tablack01 (310points) July 30th, 2010

I thought I heard something about Fluther having a corresponding Iphone app. Does anyone know if/when the app will be coming out?

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There is one, but by all accounts it doesn’t work very well. You’re better off using the mobile site. (I think it’s

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Thanks. It’s inside safari. I was wondering if there was an independent app much like the ones I use for facebook and twitter.

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We used to have a native iPhone app but it fell horribly out of date and we had it pulled from the App Store. The mobile website is pretty decent and until we’re a bigger company supporting a native app isn’t likely.

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Thanks Tim! My question was mainly derived from an article I read that said there was an accompanying iphone app, but that must have been outdated.

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