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Any reliable rumors about another Dr Horrible installment?

Asked by syz (35647points) July 30th, 2010

Any Joss fans out there? Is there any chance of more from Dr Horrible?

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I’m a Joss fan, and a Dr. Horrible fan, but I’ve heard nothing about any sequels. You need to remember that it was produced during the Writer’s Strike, when both writers and actors basically had nothing to do and were bored of picketing. Now, Felicia Day has The Guild, NPH has How I Met Your Mother, and Nathan Fillion has Castle. And I’m sure Joss is working on something that he’ll eventually sell to Fox, thinking this time will be different. :-P

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That makes me a very sad panda

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@syz I don’t disagree. Have you at least heard Commentary: The Musical? It’s hilarious and a good way to prolong the joy that is Dr. Horrible.

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@MrItty I actually just ordered the Blu Ray.

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Actually, this is the latest I can find. NPH saying that he and Joss are both interested, but that finding the time to do it is key.

It was published Jan 19, 2010, and he refers to “this” break not being likely, so maybe “next” break. (the break being from April to August. So if that came to be, it would mean it would be produced in summer 2011, which – depending on format – could mean a release in Fall 2011 or any time thereafter. But this is all pure speculation, of course.

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I would LOVE that.

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