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Who runs the world?

Asked by t (54points) July 30th, 2010

I would like to know WHO you think is really in charge.

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No single institution or conscious individual, I believe.

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Zeitgeist, probbaly.

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Mother Nature and Father Time. As far as I’m concerned, they control it all.

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In china, i think it’s the rich people.

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The Stonecutters on “The Simpsons”.

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So far as I can tell, a group of corporate oligarchs who sit on the boards of banks, energy companies, media companies, etc.

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Why? Is the position open?

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Its me right now .

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oooh. oooh. oooh. I know.

It’s the Bilderburg Group. All the conspiracy websites told me so. And they’re in cahoots with the Illuminati who go all the way back to their beginnings as the Knights Templar.


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@Buttonstc – you laugh, but those people (the Bilderburgs) are a little scary! I’m inclined to believe that one! :) (They said the Tri-Lateral Commission didn’t exist, either!)

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We, the people. It’s our world.

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I don’t think so, Matt. But I like your optimism!!!

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If you want to change something about the world, be the change you want to see. This is more than optimism. It’s the idea that we have the means to act. Being a victim blaming others is easier.

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I am.
“The world is my oyster.” imma let Frankie have that one.

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