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Do you like having your picture taken?

Asked by Frenchfry (7584points) July 31st, 2010

I not too keen on it but I let it happen. If you don’t like the picture do you make them delete it? I do. I am horrible. Funny, my stepdaughter is a picture ham.

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I don’t really like my picture to be taken but I guess I’ve learnt to put up with it. I’m really picky about what I look like so if I don’t like a picture someone takes of me then I ask them to delete it. Typically if I took it of myself I already know it’s bad before I even hit view picture.

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Well hi there (cheesy grin) click away!!

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I really appreciate that if someone really want my picture. It makes me feel special somehow. I feel beautiful and if someone adores me(whether or not it’s secretly) and want my picture then so be it. Want my autograph?,then so be it.

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I have a nephew who changes his facebook profile picture two or three times a week, striking poses that bring Zoolander to mind. He recently went to the US and the first photograph he took there was of himself, posing in the mirror of a public toilets.

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I’d much rather be behind the camera than in front of it.

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I’m not terribly photogenic. My appearance being what it is, not many would want my photo anyway.

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@Rewgreen Now that is a little vain. Very funny!

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I avoid it like a vampire would avoid the sign of the cross or garlic!

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I grew up with a dad who was a photographer – I am comfortable in front of the camera and don’t mind having my picture taken but I do like having control as to when.

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I became a professional photographer for a reason. I don’t think I’m very photogenic, to the point where if I see a picture of me, it kills my self-confidence for the day. Luckily my boyfriend loves being in photos—I always have a subject to photograph. ^_^

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Ugh, I absolutely hate being in pictures. So, I always volunteer to be the one taking them.

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Fuck, no.

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Been a professional photographer, videographer and producer.

Always been more comfortable behind the camera.

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Yes. Especially when it’s done in a studio for a photoshoot. I’ve only had that done once, but it was so much fun…I want to do that again…

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No, I do not like to have my picture taken. I do not photograph well (well…... to be more precise, I do not care for how I appear). I generally tolerate allowing my friends & family to take my photo on occasion, but it is a very rare photo of me that I actually think is acceptable.

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I HATE having my picture taken. Mostly because most people in my family do the 232323 year long poses—“wait.. wait.. stand still.. smile.. hold on… THERE we go” By the time they are finished, my smile has wilted and then they complain that I look bored or weird. Then they start all over again. I have a super short attention span.

So there are tons of pictures of me hiding my face or looking up at the ceiling, blinking, staring off into space…

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I used to love it when I was younger. Made dumb faces and all that. Not especially now, though. I don’t think I photograph well. My friends think I do. I dunno. I did have a professional do it once and I liked those ones. Now I’m thinking about changing my avatar. :)

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Absolutely love it .

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I love it. I married the perfect guy, he wasn’t a photographer when i met him but has taken it up since and some of our best times are during photoshoots. I feel great because all of the attention is on me and I feel super sexy. He then edits the pictures and makes me look even better. It really is great.

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I have this horrible habit of sneezing/poking out my tongue/blinking/grinning like a maniac when people take pictures of me. I used to really hate the pictures taken of me when I was little, but now, looking back at them, I’m glad they were taken. They bring back memories.
So even though I don’t like the way photographs of me look now, I comfort myself with the fact that in twenty years, I’ll appreciate them.
*My roundabout way of saying: ” I guess I don’t mind having my picture taken,”

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