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are "compatible" printer inks worth it?

Asked by nomtastic (974points) March 1st, 2007
on the websites to buy new ink for your printer (mine is an epson c64 stylus), they offer all sorts of ink not made by the printer manufacturer? how do i know if it's any good?
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Generally, I would say yes. However, if you have very high-end needs, or an expensive printer (there's probably a tiny risk to the printer), it might not be worth it. All compatible cartridges are probably not created equal, so I would look for reviews. For standard text-printing on a cheapo inkjet, like your epson, I would give it a try. Maybe someone else can recommend a good ink cartridge knockoff brand. I used one in college for my epson and it was fine.
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I have used re-manufactured color ink cartridges from Inkjetsuperstore. I had one cartridge that had a non-working blue; they replaced it free when I called and complained. I don't know that these cartridges print quite as much as regular cartridges, but for a cost of $14.99 each as opposed to $35.00 each, I continue to use them if I have a LOT of color printing to do.
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The cheapies have been good to me
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