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What does the phrase, "i have the blues" mean to you?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) July 31st, 2010

Different words and different phrases have different meanings to different people. my wife, in our younger years, once told me, “don’t bother me today, i have the blues”. being much younger, i did not understand exactly what she meant. today, i am sometimes still confused, when i am again told this by her. so, what does the phrase, “i have the blues” mean to you. this can be a question for a man or a woman.

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Means I ain’t gettin what I want…

Still got the Blues

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It means one is feeling sad .

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I love the expression and have used it all my life. I think of it as meaning that at least temporarily one has nothing to hope for. I particularly remember it from an old Sinatra movie called “Some Came Running” (a title I just realized I never understood). One of the characters is a middle-aged guy with a wife who disrespects and despises him, a daughter who thinks he’s an idiot, and a trouble-making younger brother (Sinatra) who’s back to town bearing him old grudges. On one hot summer night, having been rejected by his wife for sex, he drives downtown to his jewelry store and discovers one of his employees, a beautiful young woman whom he’s never seen as anything more than an employee, working late. He insists she quit work for the night, and as they leave the store, he impulsively asks if she’d mind going for a drive because he’s got the blues. From what we’ve seen him go through that day, from his sad demeanor, and from the dejected way he asks her this, we know immediately what “got the blues” means.

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Down, under the weather.

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Cruiser, watched the video. Gary Moore can really play his guitar and his feeling for the blues. is that a Les Paul, Jr. guitar he is playing?

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That individual has just incarcerated (citizens arrest) an infamous pair of siblings, possibly!

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feeling low today

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The first thing I think about is blues music, not depression.

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lost your job, wife left you, your momma stole your money…’re sad, remorseful, down low

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I like this saying. For me, it means I’m feeling sad. When I use this saying, it reminds me that it’s going to be short live – it takes the edge off the low in a way.

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You’re depressed, and/or a broken love affair. Or broke.

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