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What video game is this?

Asked by Zone36 (416points) July 31st, 2010

The game is for PC. It’s quite old. It was maybe a year before or after Warcraft II came out. Maybe a little older.

All I remember about the game was most of the gameplay seemed to be inside a castle. I’m pretty sure you controlled an army, but it didn’t seem like real time. It wasn’t a massive scale like Warcraft either. It was more like you had a number of units and you equipped them before the battle. Then you would give commands throughout the battle inside the castle.

I mostly remember the character equipment screen. You’d have a unit selected and depending how much money you had, you could equip them with better armor. You’d keep going until your entire army was decked out in the best weapons and armor. Also when you changed their armor you’d immediately see what it looked like on them.

What was this game called?

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they used to let us play something similar in school long ago that was gettysberg but they banned it for being too violent so we were stuck with math blaster and oregon trail XD!

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I have absolutely no idea, I’m not big on PC gaming, but here’s a site that you might find it in. If you click on a game it tells you about it, plus it has screenshots. You can narrow down your search, probbaly by checking out the ones under RPG.

@tifa Math Blaster rocked, but I was a total fan of Number Muncher.

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Wikipedia is an absolutely amazing resource. You may want to check out this page. Chronology of RTS games.
I’ve never played it, but Stronghold as @Lightlyseared mentioned sounds similar to what you’re looking for.

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Haha, I love your question because it got me researching all the past RTS games. :) I also looked at the page Sarcasm mentioned, and found it helpful (albeit I didn’t find anything exactly like you’re looking for.)

You said you don’t think it’s RTS, but do you know what kind of genre it might be? I can kind of picture what you’re describing, but can’t put a name on it…=(

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The more information you can provide, the more helpful others can be. Do you remember any of the units you could play? Was it strictly humans? or were there creatures you could play with too (if so are there any that were memorable)?

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Well from what I can remember it was only humans.

Next it was RTS, but in a smaller sense. There would only be so many units on the screen at a time.

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And again you were literally IN the castle when you fought. At least when you got inside. It wasn’t just siege of an entire castle with a massive army.

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Also I highly doubt it was a game with very polished cinematics. IF there were any, it would be something akin to Warcraft II or less.

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I remember a game like that too. I think it was called “Fortress” or something similar. Did you also build the castle?

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