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What can you not resist purchasing when the price is so low that you just must buy it?

Asked by jca (36002points) July 31st, 2010

what can you not resist when it’s on sale, even though you may not need it?

for me it’s nice soaps, fancy soaps in floral or exotic scents. if they’re not too expensive i just have to buy them, even though i already have a supply. also if i see clothes or shoes for my daughter on clearance i’ll pick them up.

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I was just going to say books, but smelly soaps are always a plus, too! Can never have too many…

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Belts. I didn’t start wearing belts until I started working where I work now because I think belts are ridiculously over-priced and silly for the most part. However, with my discount I get forty percent off where I work I have been buying belts like crazy. As it happens, my store is one of the very few that sells the only kind of belt I like. As it happens, Amazon does as well for a much more reasonable price. I know what I’m doing for the rest of my day…

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@KatawaGrey : hey, do they have smelly soaps, too? I know thery have books :-)

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@KatawaGrey : Crap. First Fluther, now Amazon. I am in soooo much trouble.

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Tools. But with a caveat. If it’s made in China, I skip it.
This rule has saved me from bringing home a lot of things I really don’t need.

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Oh, yeah, tools, too. My daughter has to drag me blindfoled through the hardware section of any store. Do they have tools on Amazon, too?

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@worriedguy : Gee, thanks alot. Now I want to build something that will require a new tool purchase. Impulse control not my forte ;-)

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I buy chcken when it’s on sale. We eat a lot of chicken. Thank God I bought a freezer for the garage to put all my sale item in.

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Ooooh! Chicken! I love chicken! Do they have chicken on Amazon? Oh, God, somebody stop me, please!

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Shirts! I did that today. I love new shirts, especially when they’re 30–50% off!

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i will also buy costume jewelry and clothing for myself if it’s pretty cheap but good quality (in other words, clearance).

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Tiger Milk bars

Fancy underwear

Goodies for my love

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Anything, really. I’m a shopaholic. I bought 3 pairs of earring today because it was buy 2 get 1 free, even though I’m not in need of earrings.

Mostly shoes, though. And movies.

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Yarn. I have way too much as it is, but if I find some on clearance or on sale, I must purchase it.

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Memory. I found a 2-gig flash drive the other day for a mere $11. It was only the knowledge that I already had three flash drives, all with room to spare, and that I had just purchased a car three days before and had to go easy on the frivolities, that kept my money in my wallet.

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@Neizvestnaya: I love tiger milk bars.

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socks and pretty underpants, I just can’t pass them by.

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@KatawaGrey: there’s something about the texture that excites me as if it’s a chunk of clay I can actually eat :)

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I look for all the specials for all the products I use in my home as well as, I focus on finding products that are organically made or grown.

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