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How would you convince someone not to kill you?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) July 31st, 2010

“Give me a good reason not to kill you?” We heard that kind of statement in some movies,lets us,pretend that we’re on that kind of situation where you’re being put to the corner and someone ask for a good reason so you don’t have to die. (Even if you sure whatever you say won’t change the situation,at least,just say something to save your live!).

A gun is pointed to you,so what will you say?

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because I haven’t yet gone to the largest amusement park in the world :))

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Wow, this question just made me realise how bleak my mood has been lately, because I’m not sure I would even try to come up with anything.

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i would mess with their mind a bit. “why do you want to kill me.” or ” wtf this is twisted, doesn’t my dad know you.” or “hey you look familiar,i think your my father.”

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A ha ha… people,you’ll waste your life there (joking).

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Cos I’m already dead!

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Go ahead, make my day.

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my ghost will be haunting you forever, I’m gonna make you wish you were dead like me

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Because I have a concealed weapons permit and I’ll shoot you if you try.

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You’re going to have to clean this up.

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“I can tell you something you need to hear.”

And work it from there. Use mystique until that quickly fails, then move on to something relevant, yet metaphysical enough to carry on with. Hopefully they’d be crazy and would be looking for new ways to understand their world. They would sympathize with narrative, and I’d give it to them. If they were practical, hopefully the carrying on would give them enough time to realize that they really don’t need to kill me. If they were acting out of absolutism, or if it was really vital for them to kill me, I’d probably be screwed, but so would most anyone.

Well, that’s what I’d write into a script anyway. I’d probably just beg for my life like a child in the real world.

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I say nothing and kill that person first.

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Put the weapon on the floor and back slowly away. The life you save may be your own! : )

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I am a mother…

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They would be dead by then!! :-/


I would bite them and quickly tell them, I have your DNA, and they will find you. So, let’s go have a beer and a sandwich.

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I would say you might want to think this through. I have sons and grandsons who will avenge my death.

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This is kind of an impossible question. Or rather, it’s an impossible question to answer generally. People kill people in specific situations and for specific reasons, so there is no general response that would do the job. There are reasons why humans should not resort to violence, but if somebody were able to come up with a speech which would convince any person in any situation not to commit murder, world peace would be achieved. I think the words of Buddha, Jesus, Ghandi etc. were partially attempts at this.

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blow job? ha, just kidding!

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Waking up usually works. I had a dream last night that I was being held captive in a warehouse with two other people and the people holding us were simply going to kill us one by one, exactly the way they wanted to and there was no way out, then I woke up, thank God. In real life, the one time I truly believed that my life was in danger, I fell into kind of a state of shock of sorts, not clear headed at all. It happens to some people. What you do and say might be a combination of what’s instinctual and what’s rational and reasonable, or none of the above, something specific to the circumstances, and maybe and probably none of it some argument you can plan ahead of time.

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You don’t have the stones. I double-dog-dare you.

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I’ll probably tell them that I’m already infected with some crazy airborne biological contagion. And that the room will be infected if I’m cut or something ridiculous.

You know. Talk out of my ass.

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it wasn’t me it was the one arm’d man

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I take it you have absolutely no idea who you are dealing with here, eh…., i mean have you ever had the pleasure of meeting my brother, Pablo Escobar?

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@rebbel: I met him on a Medellin rooftop in December of ‘93. I keep his head in my frizzer lest auld acquaintance be forgot.

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Tell the killer: my 6-year-old daughter has got cancer not covered by health insurance.

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