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When you fluthering,did you usually stick to fluther?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) July 31st, 2010

Did you open multiple website at once,playing games,or doing anything else while fluthering? Or you prefer to spend your time only on fluther while you’re fluthering?

Please don’t say depends on the question,people,situation,etc,I just want to know your usual habits on fluther.

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I usually have another window with some background music playing (be it, itunes, pandora, youtube, etc.), but Fluther is usually the only active site I’m on.

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I usually have 5 to 10 tabs going at once.

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I am multi tasking pretty much the whole time I have this up and open. Too much to do…places to go…people to see!!

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I normally have 3 or 4 tabs open at once, and I switch between them often. I also change what’s on the tabs throughout the time I’m online. However, Fluther and my email are relatively constant.

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I usually have a few tabs open at once for reasons similar to @Cruiser

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I have Fluther and Askville open at the same time.

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Nope, I go to other sites while I’m here.

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I have at least 10 tabs open at all times. I keep trying to cut down, but there’s just so much to do! I’m normally downloading something, playing a game, plus reading various blogs and wikipedia entries and catching up on news and chatting with friends. Tabbed browsing really changed the way I surf the internet.

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Fluthering is like making a soft boiled egg.

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When I’m on Fluther, I usually have at least three other sites open as well: email, Facebook, and Kaneva.

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You put the water in the pot. The eggs. You can walk away, but you cant go too far.

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@ChazMaz thats actually a really good analogy lol

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I am multitasking; Sometimes it’s reference sites to double-check a Fluther posting, sometimes it’s whateeer other site catches my eye while I think of something, sometimes it’s another app entirely (often transcoding), and sometimes it’s just mind candy like the Cheezburger sites

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haha… I had a nice long answer to this, but lost my thought because I’m doing other tasks in the house.

Fluther never has my full attention. unless I’ve been drinking. but that’s not saying much

nice @ChazMaz :)

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I used to have other tabs open because my pages took so long to load, but I had a free computer tune up at Staples, bought some extra memory, and got a cool pad to set it on, so now the pages load faster.

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@YARNLADY When I had a slow computer and dialup, I had fewer tabs. Go figure.

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i’m pretty sure everyone is a pro multi-tasker these days and does many things at once i know i do…

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For my first Fluther of the day I am just fluthering but sometimes I will hit the refresh button throughout the day whilst doing other things as well.

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I have chat opened up and answerbag and fluther… and I watch tv and sip ice tea… sometimes with chicken wings… but today I’m doing one at a time

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I’m usually multi-tasking. Fluthering, working on my thesis draft, business bookkeeping, poking sharp sticks through the cage bars on Sodahead and a bit of real-life grab-ass.

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@YARNLADY I need to do something similar also. My rig is running dead slow at times.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Is it your PC or the fact that backwoods internet connections aren’t the fastest or most stable things? Regardless, if your motherboard and OS can address more RAM then you can never go wrong by adding more, especially if you currently have less than 2GB.

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@jerv It could very well be this weird satellite rig I’m using. I’ll have to get a pro to diagnose what’s making things run so slow.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Satellite has high latency, so it often takes at least a couple of seconds to even send a page request. They are also prone to weather-related signal disruption, being thrown off aim by wind (my DirecTV did that all the time) and just plain moodiness, especially if there is any sunspot activity. Internet traffic has error correction, but correcting errors takes time, which reduces your effective bandwidth just as repeating whatever you hear on a radio or sound-powered phone to ensure accurate communication slows down a conversation.

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That may be the problem then, my only alternative right now is dial-up.I’m seriously out in the sticks here.

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I used to live where 56K dialup wasn’t even an option; I usually dialed in at 24.0K or 26.4K. It sucked! With errors and everything, it took me an average of 8 minutes to load 1MB; I can do that in 10 seconds on my current lowest-tier DSL pipe!

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I usually have several other sites and forums open at once. Sometimes games too.

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I usually check other shit out at the time, talk to people on chat, and I scratch my balls, too.

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