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What are some original ideas to celebrate 1st year anniversary of knowing that special someone?

Asked by cowboyBob64 (68points) July 31st, 2010

be creative
somewhat practical
Big wow factor is a must

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Go sky diving…
Well it has the wow factor..
It costs like $200 here and few bucks more for a movie.
Movie of you doing it… Jumping.

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A nice bouquet of flowers delivered to where she works always goes down well. Maybe you could cook a nice dinner. Or you could rent a nice hotel room with a jacuzzi and have champagne and strawberries sent up. (Do whatever you need to to make sure the water is clean first)

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I’m not sure if I’m all that complex, but maybe I am and the parts of me that are complex? I find that they are not so much amazing but irritating and difficult to manage.

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Re-visit the place you first met or had your first date and tell them you love them and how lucky you are to have met them. A nice little memento that embodies the essence of who you perceive that person to be and how much they mean to you would be a nice gesture and the “wow” factor is all up to you! ;)

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lillycoyote——What is with that answer? Can you explain????

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paper… her a star. give her the certificate

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Take a hot air balloon ride. Amazing!

If you have the cash, about $600 ish for the champagne treatment for two.
I took my daughter up for her 21st B-day the year before last…what a glorious experience!

Balloons only fly early morning and late afternoon due to wind currents and temps etc.

We launched at sunrise and drank champagne….whatta way to celebrate something special! The tour included 2 bottles of primo champagne, a brunch type picnic menu and an hour or more in the sky at varying elevations from several thousand feet to just skimming the canopy of the trees.

Very memorable experience! :-)

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Lol…I know what happened @lillycoyote

A misprint of answer in the wrong zone…the question is on our own complexity, I just participated in that Q a few minutes ago. hahaha

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Don’t go overboard. What will you do at two years? Three? etc.
Start small and build every year. What is she doing for you? The one year event should be a mutual celebration.

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I love @Cruiser‘s comment. Here’s a creative variation on it. Stage the anniversary as if it were, say, the 20th, the idea being that you are so happy after one year that you’re already planning to have a long future. You could write a 20th anniversary card reminiscing about the wonderful times you’ve had in the past, give a 20th anniversary gemstone, base everything you do on twenty rather than one.

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Wow….why can’t I find a man with some creativity? lol

Great idea…the 20th anniversary card….very clever!

I know I’d be impressed!

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Take some ballroom dancing lessons.

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