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Will the Dow Jones Iindustrial Average rise or fall on Moday the 2nd of August.

Asked by Majicthise (3points) August 1st, 2010

In which direction will the Dow Jones Iindustrial Average on move Monday the 2nd of August immediately after the opening and will it close up or down on the day.

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I can, with the utmost confidence, assert with 50% certainty that it will go up on 8/2/10.

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I believe it will go down because of all the talk about deficit reduction.

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One in two chance it will fall.

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Do you mean the Dow Jones Industrial? The news on the economic front is still not good, but who knows? The Dow has been rising and falling all month in ways that don’t correlate to much.

Apple profits were very good this quarter but slightly lower that the experts (whoever they are) predicted, so that news was read as bad for several days.

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This shows you how much I know. I started to comment yesterday that I believed the market would be down today but decided not to, and right now early Monday morning, it’s way up. Of course,we have a long way to go before the bell rings…

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I will guess that the DJI is up $208.44 at the close of trade on August 2.

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