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How do I make sure people cannot see my posts on facebook that I write on other people's status'?

Asked by JLeslie (60186points) August 1st, 2010

So lets say you and I are friends, and I post on John Q’s status, and it shows up in your news feed, even though you are not friends with John Q. How do I stop that from happening?

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I think you would have to send your message to John Q as a private message to him, and not as a status comment. I’ve just had a look at the privacy settings and I can’t find a way to prevent comments showing on friends’ feeds.

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The ultimate security is quite simple. Don’t write on the wall. Then, no one will see it.

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I don’t think that it’d show on my newsfeed if I’m not friends with John Q. However, if John Q’s privacy settings allow other users to see his wall, I would be able to see on your profile that you wrote on his wall (“JLeslie wrote on John Q’s wall”, with a link to the wall). To prevent that, simply remove that notice from your profile.

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adjust your privacy settings so that only certain people can view your postings, they are pretty flexible now.

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You can’t. Any posts you make on someone else’s wall are governed under their privacy settings, not yours. It’s their wall. They own it, they control it. If you don’t want someone else to see it, send them a private message.

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I’m no FB expert but it seems that if you want a message to be private you must use the private message feature.

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Ok, not sure if I explained myself well, or maybe I am not understanding some of your answers.

I’ll explain it a different way. Sometimes I get in my news feed Julia S (my friend) commented on Sally C’s (who I am not friends with) status blah blah blah and I can see the message. If I click on Sally’s thread to see it, the thread Julia commented on, I might not be able to comment because I am not friends with Sally depending on her settings, but I can see everything. What I don’t like is why is it popping up on my wall every comment Julia is making all over the place, even on threads of friends I am not frfiends with. It only happens with some of my frfiends, so it must be a setting.

I am not hunting on other people’s walls, it is in my news feed on my home page. I would think Julia has her setting somehow so all of her friends see everything she does, even when she comments on someone else’s status. I am not talking about writing directly on someone wall a message, only comments below a status.

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I notice same thing and I don’t know either if there is a way to stop it.

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@JLeslie I see news feed items like that for ALL of my friends (except the ones who never leave comments to anybody). I don’t think there is a way to turn it off. If there is, I can’t find it and I can’t find anything about it in the FAQ either. I think the only way for it to not show, is not to comment.

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I don’t see it with all of my friends.

Thanks everyone, hopefully someone will know.

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@JLeslie My apologies. I thought you were trying to prevent your comments on your friends’ statuses from appearing in other people’s news feeds. I understand now that you want to stop seeing your friends’ comments on your non-friends’ statuses from appearing in your newsfeed. Is that correct?

If so, I believe there are two separate settings. First, find one of these offending posts on your news feed, and hover your mouse over it. There should be a small “Hide” that appears on the top right corner of this post. Click it. It should give you the option of hiding either your friend’s comments or your non-friend’s original updates. Click whichever best suits you.

The other is way down on the bottom of your wall. Scroll allllll the way down and click on “Edit Options” on the bottom right. This will bring up a form for you to remove whatever people’s comments/updates you want to show more of or hide. Type the person’s name in the “hide” box.

Hope that helps!

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@MrItty You were correct originally, I don’t want my comments on friends threads to show up on my other friends home page. I tried to give an example in the reverse to explain better what people might have seen on theri own news feed, because I was thinking many people might not even realize what they right is showing up that way. I think it is facebooks way of getting us interested in friending more people.

Back to your first response, I just reread it, did you mean if someone goes to my friends wall they will be able to see my comment, and all of the friends of that person will see his status and my comments on their news feed? That I understand and am fine with. What I did not want is just my comment popping up in my friends news feed. If a friend of mine is going through the effort to hunt around on my other friends news feeds I can’t do anything about that I realize.

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@JLeslie If you comment on your friend’s status, whoever can see your friend’s status can see your comment. Whatever you post on someone’s wall is controlled by that person’s privacy settings.

Your comment might pop up in your other friends’ news feed if your original friend has his privacy settings so that his posts are visible to “everyone”, “friends of friends”, or any group or network that includes your other friends. There is nothing you can do to prevent that.

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@MrItty I see. I don’t like it.

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Do you mean this example?

‘Suzie B commented on John A’s status.” Then it’ll show John A’s status update and Suzie B’s comment underneath.

If so, there’s nothing you can do right now to prevent this from showing up in your newsfeed.

Facebook needs to have an option to prevent your comments and likes from being shown on your friends’ newsfeed. The newsfeed should be reserved for status updates and updates from pages and groups only, not to know when someone commented on someone else’s wall post.

It’ll certainly help declutterize the newsfeed.

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