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How can I make today worthwhile?

Asked by harple (10448points) August 1st, 2010

It’s 5pm on a Sunday afternoon, I’m all alone, all of my friends are busy, and the weather outside is less than pleasant. I’m too far way from my family to randomly visit, and I have work in the morning. It has dawned on me that I am just killing time ‘til bedtime, and that’s such a disappointing realisation! Any ideas or suggestions for what I can do with the rest of my day that will make me feel like it hasn’t been wasted?? Life is too short after all…

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Email friends and family you have not talked to in awhile. or you could pick the phone. You could also pick up a good book. when is the last time you read a book? Clean out your junk drawers, organize your closet… There are tons of things.

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I would pack up a nice light picnic and beverage and go out for a walk through the woods despite the less than pleasant weather. Just being outside can be such a recharge and great investment of ones time. Sit by a lake or river and contemplate the beauty of life, your life and enjoy the time alone. You will have all week to do otherwise. That is what I would do.

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Yes, some time in nature is always great for ramping up ones appriciation of just being alive.

I also go on re-arranging sprees, one of my favorite boring day pursuits…just when I think I have used up every possible re-arranging combo I always come up with a new scheme!

Mix it up..change your environment..always works for me!

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You could spend some time thinking about your life and writing about stuff going on in your life.

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take a walk or hike. if you live near woods you could start working on a project. with only a knife and whatever is in the woods build a shelter, a bow and arrow,and other items. make it so you can camp their. :). when my mom lets me have freedom to leave te street thats what ill be doing.

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I’m with @Frenchfry; it sounds like a good day to read a book.

Coloma's avatar can always drink and re-arrange. lol

Nothing like a little creative ‘juice’ to get the flow flowing! ;-)

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Thank you all for your helpful suggestions… I have done a lot of reading of late, and unfortunately am not finding the current book very gripping (which is disappointing as I loved her first book)... I cleaned the bathroom earlier on, and have done some washing, so that’s plenty enough housework for one day! Getting outside would be an idea, but in truth, I’ve not got the get-up-and-go mentality in me today (and the weather is not helping my motivation)...

Erm, thinking lots about my life right now @marinelife (handed my notice in at work this week, and working out what to do and where to live come October when I leave…)

Drinking, now there’s and idea!

Seriously though, I think I shall go make a roast dinner, and see if I can spark myself up a bit… Many thanks all

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Read a book.
Write a poem.
Listen to Mozart.
Dance to your favorite song.
Eat a piece of cheesecake.
Call or write to an old friend.

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@hawaii_jake covers it. I’d only add, reaffirm your love for a friend or relative. You never know if you’ll be able to do it tomorrow.

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Go outdoors for a while; that’s always somewhat uplifting. Write—anything. Do things to make your work week a little less hectic. Wash your car. See if the little elderly woman down the street needs help with anything.

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Cooking something new and interesting often does it for me. Jazz up your roast dinner!

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Go to a store and get a bouquet of mixed flowers. Take it to the nearest retirement home and just hand one flower to each lady you see.
The results are highly rewarding.

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Just have fun on Fluther!

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Awww…what a great idea! I want to take pets to visit the elderly someday, right now my pets are not mellow enough for the old folks to cuddle. Well…my goose Marwyn would be a bg hit, but if he honks he is likely to induce a heart attack..he is a loud honker! lol

But he is gentle and will take treats out of your hand very easily. No goosing, unless you threaten his alpha status! haha

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You just got 3 Lurve from me. Is that worthwhile enough?

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Do what I’m doing. today….kick around in your jammies all day! ( I am going to dinner with friends at 5 )

I have said out loud at least several times today wandering in & out doing yard stuff, ” what a GREAT Sunday! ”

Tripping around on my freshly watered lawn with the geese and the cats, hanging out watching the cats play in their favorite sprawling Oak tree at the edge of my yard.

Hiding behind the trees when my only neighbors go by in their golf cart…hahaha

Now I am whipping up some chicken salad, watermelon and deviled eggs to take to my friends new house on moving day!

Everyone needs a PJ, crazy hair, don’t brush your teeth til 3 day now & then!

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@Coloma So easy for you. It’s not 106 degrees up there.
God, I hate this. The hottest EVER

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Oh man..I feel for you!

This week has been awesome, around 90–92, breezes, especially at night. :-)

Mid -July was bloody hot here too, 100 to 103. Ugh!

The worst ever was in 2006–7 (?)

All time record of 111…I actually hosed the cat down on the patio and he didn’t even bat an eye. lol

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Have a couple of adult beverages and masturbate a couple of times. Have a big fat bowl of ice cream with some chocolate syrup on it, and then watch one of your favorite movies. Enjoy your solitude… because it won’t last.

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Put a smile on someone’s face.

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And you run and you run to catch up with the sun, but it’s sinking
Racing around to come up behind you again
The sun is the same in a relative way, but you’re older
Shorter of breath and one day closer to death

Sometimes you think you are doing something big, or worthwhile, but in the end, it is still nothing. If you did something that saved a life, or left a mark with the living of today and tomorrow, I guess maybe.

You can help someone on Fluther, find away to donate time to a charity, write a treatment, or clean up a corner of the house that never gets done really.

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