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What are some good physics websites?

Asked by dotlin (419points) August 1st, 2010

I used to be able to read the physics review at my local college but I’d rather not go there to read it anymore. If you’ve never read the physics review it like new scientist magazine but much more in-depth science talking about the mathematics behind it.

What are some good websites that go in-depth on recent scientific events?

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Considering the number of geeks here, I would say Fluther isn’t a bad place for that sort of thing :D

I think it really depends on exactly what you are looking for though, since many sites only focus on one particular specialty of Physics, which is a rather broad science, and some of the more general Physics sites may not go into enough detail to satisfy you.

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Fantastic assist for computations.

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In addition to above, I would nominate three sites at

Built on Facts
Starts With A Bang
Dot Physics

For general science news, including physics, look at Science Daily

And don’t forget Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy (don’t let the name fool you!)

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If fluther would allow me to kiss you I would.

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@dotlin “Best offer all day.” But don’t make me blush.

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Hyperphysics is the best one I know. It got me through high school, a lot of further study from personal interest, and has helped me a lot with my uni studies as well.

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Physics Forums and Physics on Stack Exchange are decent online physics communities (with the latter not being up yet due to not enough users).

And of course from the Wolfram, Eric Weisstein’s World of Physics proves to be an excellent reference for formulas and concepts.

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