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What are some labor-savings gadgets you couldn't live without?

Asked by Austinlad (16298points) August 1st, 2010

I was cutting a prescription tab in half this morning with my nifty little Walgreen’s pill cutter—I call it my mini-guillotine—and started thinking about other gadgets I’ve bought over the years that either worked or had to be tossed into the garbage. Thoughts?

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It’s a toss between the dishwasher and the microwave. When my microwave died. I never realize or forgot how much time it takes to do thing the old fashion way.Heat stuff up in a pan or to boil water. Geez when my dishwasher clunked out. Augh! By hand took forever too. It is such a blessing to have those conviences.

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I would not want to be without a clothes washer. Everything else I could probably manage without, but I don’t like to use laundry rooms. As for small gadgets, I wouldn’t want to be without a garlic press and Swing-A-Way can opener.

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loll..funny! “mini-guillotine! I use my scissors!

Washer and dryer, vaccum cleaner, dishwasher, and weed eater!

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I thought he meant GADGETS, not appliances??
@BoBo1946 this is great. Scissors. I don’t have a pill cutter and my teeth won’t do it usually.
Gadget: I can’t think of any right now. Dinner is almost ready.

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oh, gadgets…ummm…then Scissors…loll like you said!

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Like @perspicacious , my Swing-A-Way can opener.
My spring style clothes pins and clothes line, my stapler, and paperclips, my Sharpie pens.
My glass cutter, my pruning clippers, and…
My eyelash curler!

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@wilma I swear the only thing I could think of was MY Swing-A-Way can opener. Mine is white; I have mom’s which is orange and not as sharp. Those are the best and worth every penney. penny. How do u spell that?Penny.

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Yes, I did mean gadgets rather than appliances—should have specified that in my question. I really meant those little gadgets we buy on impulse than turn out to be exactly as advertised or pure junk.

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Totally agree about Swing-A-Way can opener. They are definitely labor-savers, especially for those of us old enough to remember those awful can openers our mothers used.

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@Austinlad You made it quite clear. You said, “and don’t have to be tossed into the garbage.” GADGET. simple

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I am sorry…I guess I was not thinking at the time. It happens as you get older.. You are right… @Aster I am sorry if my answer bothered you so much..

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@Frenchfry That’s ok. But I had to get drunk to get over it.

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my 3M paper/tape masking tool. also my Hoppes boresnake, just to name a couple

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another thingy is the Ronco pocket fisherman. For what it is designed for, it’s pretty neat

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My garlic crusher….. I just love garlic and the crusher makes life so easy

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My X-Acto knife. It is incredibly useful (great for opening potato chip bags) and precise.

Also my Gopher grabber that was advertised on TV a decade or so ago. As I have recently discovered, besides being ideal for picking stuff up off the floor, by folding a sponge in half and holding it in the gripping cups at the bottom, it makes cleaning walls a snap.

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