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What do I use to remove the melted plastic from the stove top? See detail?

Asked by flo (12584points) August 1st, 2010

There is still some remaining after scraping it off. I want to avoid letting it burn off, if I can?

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I’d open some windows turn on a fan and get some ventilation going, then turn on the stove and heat the plastic up, while constantly wiping with paper towels, or something else that’s sturdy that you don’t mind throwing away. The plastic will become malleable and should wipe off pretty easily. There may be a little residue left after this. You might just have to burn it off! If this is the case, consider removing the affected piece and putting it over a fire or grill outdoors so the burning plastic doesn’t stink up your home.

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You could try using acetone to desolve it.

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Thank you both. I do have acetonephobia though.

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I doubt you will ever get it completely off without a burn. So, disconnect the smoke alarm, put a fan in the kitchen window forcing outward, close the kitchen door, and turn on the burner. As the plastic softens you can get the bulk off with a popsicle stick or old SS spoon.

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Cover with paper towels, then blow directly on it with a hair dryer set at the hottest setting.

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To get melted plastic off my iron, I let it heat up then ironed paper towels first, then an old terrycloth rag. @YARNLADY has the right idea – maybe try an iron if the hair dryer isn’t hot enough. (My iron is now shiny-clean and plastic-free.)

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Thank you all, very helpful. Anything to avoid breathing anything like that.

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