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Why does my kitty fall asleep while kneading?

Asked by monStar (50points) August 1st, 2010

Her eyes close while kneading the bed. I’m not sure if she’s asleep or concentrating.

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it’s like when humans get a massage, they close their eyes but aren’t necessarily asleep. my babies do this too. i think they just are enjoying themselves.

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She’s in deep kitty zen mode.

The kneading is reminiscent of her tiny kittenhood and all the good feelings of warmth, safety and mamas milk flowing when she kneaded her tummy. She’s as content as a cat can get in that state of being.

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Awww. Kitty likes to fluff!

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Heck, that’s how I fall asleep.

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@Samantha_Rae That’s so cute!
@Coloma “kitty zen mode” That’s too adorable! I’m going to start calling it that! I laugh at her when she does it and sometimes she opens her eyes like “what? O_O”
@Austinlad ^___^

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That’s just what they do….........

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Maybe I should elaborate on that. What you all call “kneading” I always referred to as “fluffing”. I felt like my cat was fluffing me like a pillow before settling down on my lap. Ot wherever. Sometimes she’d do it at a kind of slow pace, and sometimes she’d go really fast, like she had to get in x many fluffs bfore the timer went off. The really funny part, to me, was that she would never admit that she was fluffing me or even acknowledge that she was even in the same room with me. I swear she would pretend like she wan’t there, if she were there she had never heard of fluffing, and if she had heard of it she certainy wasn’t engaged in any such activity.
I miss her. She went away to die (I believe) in March 14th of this year after being with me since 1996.

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@Coloma is so correct. GA

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@Trillian : I just got that and actually laughed out loud!

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