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Can a person collect unemployment In the state of CA under these circumstances?

Asked by bsalyers (2points) August 1st, 2010

My wife worked for two decades as an administrator in a private school in California. When new owners took over, her job was cut to part time. She lost her benefits and a big chunk of income. The owners promised her they would get her back up to full time as soon as possible and she agreed to hang on. Over the next couple of years, she watched as new hires were made and money spent on frivolous side-projects, while they never quite had the cash to restore her income. Finally, she gave the ultimatum that she needed to be restored to full time or she would have to go in search of other positions. The school elected to let her go at the end of the present term. Now, they have posted her job listing as a full-time position! My question is this: can she collect unemployment under these circumstances? Or alternatively, are the employer’s actions egregious enough to warrant some kind of suit? I believe she was clearly the victim of discrimination.

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As for the lawsuit, you would have to consult an employment attorney.

It depends on what the employer says about unemployment. I definitely think she should try to file a claim, and should ask for a hearing if her claim is denied.

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Only the unemployment department can decide what or if they will pay. Their rules are so convoluted, their own clerks often don’t give the same answers to the same question. I suggest you file and wait and see what happens, rather than try to second guess the process.

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It does sound like she can collect unemployment. She should at least file and find out if she qualifies.

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