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How can I find a filler panel to replace a car radio?

Asked by ETpro (34480points) August 1st, 2010

We pulled a 2-high radio with poor sound quality out of the dashboard of my son’s 2005 VW Golf. We replaced it with a standard height after-market radio with superior sound and features. But that leaves a gaping hole in the dashboard about the size of a standard car radio. I searched the Internet and JC Whitney catalog. Thought this would be easy, but found nothing.

Has anyone had to deal with this before? Am I just calling it the wrong thing, or do I have to break out the Plexiglas®, Bondo™ and paint and make the thing myself?

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Found something that might help. Looks like a good site for answering questions such as your’s.

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My husband did car audio for 10 years before I even met him, he said they should sell a basket that will match up with your son’s car. He said to try asking the people who sold you the after market, or check online. It will provide the plugs and whatnot to install the radio you’ve just put in, but it will fit into the space where your son’s stereo came out.

EDIT: He said to check

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@BoBo1946 & @TheOnlyNeffie Thanks so much. I’ll check these leads out.

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JC Whitney really doesn’t deal much with imports and not really much with cars either.

For future reference, if you need anything for any year or model of VW, look here or just get their free catalog Trust me, things are a lot cheaper there, and you can find parts that the dealer won’t even sell you, as well as get some VW tech tips.

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@jerv Thanks for the link. I may be wrong, but car radio slots in dash boards are so standardized I would think it wouldn’t really matter what make and model of car it is. I probably am wrong on that assumption, though. Otherwise, and internet search for “radio filler panel” should have turned a whole bunch of them up.

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They are all the same height and width, but that seems to be about as standardized as it gets. I think that’s messed up, but it is what it is.

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Go to an auto salvage yard, they are usually connected to other yards if they don’t have the panel.

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@TheOnlyNeffie The lead to paid off. They emailed me today with a link to the item.

Just what the doctor ordered. THanks.

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