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How do you rejuevenate a lawn decimated by a trampoline's shadow?

Asked by tranquilsea (17758points) August 1st, 2010

We’ve just taken down our trampoline and the lawn underneath is trashed (it was expected). The space has been taken over by clover. That part of the yard gets fairly decent amounts of sunlight.

What would be the best way to get the lawn back?

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I would wait until the Fall, then turn it over and reseed.

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Let it go for now. When it gets cooler, spray weed control to kill the clover. A little later, rake and re-seed.

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Ditto above. It is pretty much done for this season, but next year will recover. Nature is so resilient.

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I forgot to mention, make sure you keep the re-seeded area watered!

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Thanks for the tips. We don’t have any weed control products in our city as they were banned. You should see the dandelion outbreaks.

I wasn’t going to touch it until September anyway…no time. I’ll have to figure out a way to keep the dogs off it too.

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Lay new turf it’s quick & easy….

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I had to do that this year and it is not too late to re-seed. Get the fast start seed and mix in some rye and annual seed. Rake or till the soil, and water twice a day. Don’t be shy on the amount of seed you use and in 3–4 weeks you will have a lush lawn.

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For me, I’ve seen people (good word by the way) rejuvenate their lawns by putting straw on the dead patches of grass or refertilizing their dirt. Or you can just wait it off.

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Use Scotts Miracle Grow turf builder and Scotts seeds. Scotts is the best. I’m just a Scotts Miracle Grow consumer and not associated with the company at all. If you have moss in your grass then Scotts moss control is the way to go as the moss just disintegrates as the grass gets thicker.

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If you move your trampoline around the yard (if that is feasible) the grass will turn brown when the sun hits it but normally rebounds with just watering.

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@sleepdoc the trampoline is gone now. We had it for 5 years and it wasn’t very safe anymore.

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