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Who is your personal hero?

Asked by JilltheTooth (19727points) August 1st, 2010

I mean someone you know (or have known) personally. For me, it’s my daughter. Sorry to embarrass you, honey. Her compassion, grace, loving nature, humor and intelligence are an inspiration to me, and I am a better person because of her.

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My mom. :) (I think that about explains it all. ;])

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my family. my friends. my coach. my team mates. myself.

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My mom. The more I have learned about her life, the more I admire that she kept on going.

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My junior high girlfriend, Jimmy Carter and Superman.

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@Austinlad no no; she said “you have known personally.” Hero is a pretty impressive word. I’ll have to think about it. I can have one then change my mind !!

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@Aster : What makes you think @Austinlad doesn’t know Superman? I find that entirely believable! :-)

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@Austinlad : Why your junior high GF?

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My father…. He has saved my butt a thousand times.

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I don’t have any personal heroes that I actually know.

The closest thing I have to a real hero is Theodore Roosevelt.

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@Austinlad yeah; why would a Jr H GF be a heroine?

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My sons and anyone who is taking on a life changing disease, illness or physical challenge.

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This guy named Dave I once met and hung out with for a little while. He was a devout Christian, nearly obsessed, but also the most hopeless pothead you’ll ever meet. Once I wanted to challenge his views and asked him what his peers would think if they knew how much weed he smoked, since most fanatic Christians think everything is evil.
He countered by telling me that if God created everything, including marijuana plants, it’s probbaly okay for us to smoke it.

Sure there’s loopholes galore I’ve discovered about that over the years; ’‘God tends to His Garden while weeding out the Weeds’’, I’m sure God didn’t intend for mankind to die from tobacco usage and all…but that’s just one example. He always had something thought provoking to say, and made me think a lot, as opposed to just about everyone I meet.

Here’s to you, some guy named Dave, wherever the fuck yar! ’‘Chugs to the glory of God.’’

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my rabbi, he opened my eyes, in a non conservative way.

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Two people come to mind for me.

The first is my dear sweet mother who said, “To hell with tradition, I’m gonna do what makes me happy!” and then did. :)

The second is a very dear friend of mine named Kat. She had a child when she was 19 and still living with her poisonous mother. Kat supported her daughter, her mother, her sisters, and her nephew. She’s got three sisters. One is schizophrenic, but two lived at home with their mother. One is younger than Kat and has just had her second child and has been in and out of drug rehab and jail. The other is has become a huge pothead and is dating a drug dealer and ran to another state as soon as she graduated high school.

Kat recently moved out of her mother’s house. She is happy. She is raising her daughter. She is in contact with her father again. She is a survivor.

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My kids, or as I call them The Incredibles!! Schmaltzy but true.

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my baker makes some relly good bread

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Check out the question in Meta: “How about meeting a Jelly…” Worriedguy is rating pretty high on my personal hero list right about now…

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