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How much do you love getting a "Great Answer"?

Asked by CherrySempai (1137points) August 1st, 2010

It’s kind of intoxicating. Whenever I see it pop up that I got a “Great Answer” I get that feeling I used to get in grade school when someone borrowed my eraser. I guess you could say it “tickles me pink.” :] So new users, do you love the lurve, too?! And veterans (not sure what you’re called on this site, if there’s some jelly slang or something, sorry! xD) do you still love when people appreciate your answers, or does it not really affect you anymore?! :)

(Notice: I thought this was the right section, as it’s about the fluther community, but sorry if it’s in the wrong spot. o.o)

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I’ve gotten so used to it that I don’t even notice most of the time.

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I get great answers? Who told you these lies?

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Still waiting for it!! :-/

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It’s kind of intoxicating?

I have no answer for that.

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I lurve lurve lurve getting GA’s & GQ’s. Can I get one now:D.

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I get Happy Feet and feel like dancing!

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To tell you the truth, I don’t pay much attention to the lurve. It’s nice to be noticed, but I think I would participate here on Fluther even without the point system.

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I enjoy the recognition. Writers get so little of that, especially ones who work for a software company. ;-)

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@CherrySempai : I’m new, too and I love it! makes me feel special! I imagine after awhile I won’t care so much, but hey, who doesn’t love to be validated?

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I’m not obsessed with or even really all that invested in getting points here; I do like getting a great question or a great answer though, but it does take at least more than one to get heart all a flutter (or “afluther”) because if it’s only one it could just be someone being polite or one of my friends just being friendly.

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I get no kick from champagne.
Mere alcohol doesn’t thrill me at all.
So tell me why should it be true
That I get a kick out of you?

(Cole Porter)

Whatever floats your boat, I say.

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Uhhhhh… that would be water.

get it? that floats my boat?

Yeah, it’s important to me. It’s the only way I know that people are getting something out of what I say. Although I am even more excited when someone actually replies to me in a thread.

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Like a fat kid loves cake. okay maybe not that much

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It was pretty cool at first but the novelty, and that’s certainly all it is, quickly vanishes. A better reward, at least for me, is people replying to you on your answer and starting convos and things, feels like I’m wasting less time.

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Hmmmm, it’s pretty nice isn’t it? Well, do you link getting a great question? (wink,wink)

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At first I was very obsessed with the idea of getting some lurve, now however, it thrills me that actually somebody follows up my answers with @Ludy , it feels good that somebody actually takes time to read what I think, after that feeling, being added to a Fluther takes the second place :)

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Awesome :)

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I laughed afterwards because I thought, “she might read more into that than intended”..

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It’s ok, but I really like it when I’ve gotten great answer responses and then the answer is deleted by the mods. It adds an extra kick.

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It’s all about brains, humor and intelligent sharing for me, the rest I’m not attached to.

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It can get frustrating occasionally. You can spend an hour researching and composing what you think is a really great answer, then get nothing or very few lurve. A few hours later you can post a flippant throw-away answer and it gets a dozen lurve. Seems to be not so much a function of how much work you put into an answer, but whether it harmonizes with the thinking or emotional state of others.

I try not to pay much attention to my total score, as I’m a recovering points-addict from a previous Q&A site (obsessed about making my 2,000 points per day, staying high on the leaderboard, etc, ad nauseum).

Like @Symbeline said, lurve is an indication that I’m not totally wasting my time.

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“Great Answers” are OK, but I’m planning to reach 10,000 lurve from the “Why Are You So Mean When All I Want is for Someone Else to Do My Research” clicks.

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- << That much…..... oh well okay then ————————<< maybe that’s more accurate ;¬}

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I like it. I makes you feel appreciated through your contribution. Each contribution need a GA not because they’re really that great but because every contribution is valuable.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land: I use another technique; I write rapidly, answer only questions in areas where I have some knowledge, proof, and send.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land : It does free up a lot of time for keeping Milo’s life up to its expected Mcmansion-with- staff standards.

(Hope your injury is mending.)

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@gailcalled Angel and Simba send their regards to Milo. Exchanging the splint for a removable cast/brace tomorrow :^)

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I like it almost as much as I love pancakes =)

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I LOVE to get “Great Question”, so I know I have let people think or talk about something :-)

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I just gave everyone “great answers” on this thread, not because any of you actually gave great answers, but just because I felt like it. Just kidding, they were all great answers. A round of great answers for the house, on me! :-)

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…How much do you love getting a “Great Answer”?

Do “stiffy’s” count?

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Haha, thanks so much for the answers, everyone! :)

Wish I could reply to all of them, but I waited too long to come back to this question…woops.

I hope I still love getting “Great Answer” a long, long time from now. (: Now I know it’s possible!

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I love lurve. I don’t care so much about the overall number next to my name that tells everyone how much lurve I have, I just like it when someone acknowledges something I have written.

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Oh, yes. I don’t pay attention to the overall number, either. I just like it when people like my input. :]

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I got to admit it makes me feel better. Lol. It makes me feel like my answer is actually helping someone else out.

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It is definitely good to get feedback. It does sometimes surprises me which answers are popular and which not.

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