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In your opinion, do older women look better with short hair?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23112points) August 1st, 2010

I’m not talking elderly, just “older” as in “not a teenager or early 20’s anymore”. I’m in my 30’s and I’m tired of dealing with longer hair. I’ve been told that short hair looks amazing on 1. older women, 2. women with oval faces, and 3. women who are slightly overweight. I’m all of the above, so I’m considering a short chop.


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If it’s nice healthy hair medium is usually flattering for anyone. I think.

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Some do, some don’t. But personally, I love shorter, salt-and-pepper hair on a woman.

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@Austinlad You LIKE that?? Amazing! I don’t.

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If you have the confidence and the attitude to pull it off, go for it! Short hairstyles on a woman in some communities seem to be unusal or uncommon, yet in other communities and big cities, anything goes! The same short hairstyle I have now was not well-accepted when I lived in a small town. I didn’t care, though. It’s me, and I love it! I think it’s hot and beautiful when a woman loves herself, cares for herself – no matter what the hairstyle. It’s the person that sports the beauty, not the hair.

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@Aster, I’ve known very few women who did, including my mother, whose hair started turning when she was in her ‘30s. She’s 86 and still covering it. I was in my late 20s, early 30s before I even knew she colored it. HA! But I love the S&P look.

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Not necessarily. It depends on the woman. But shorter hair is generally easier to deal with and take care of. It’s just a matter of finding the length and the cut that is right and most flattering for you, I think. And it’s hair. If you don’t like it short, it will grow back.

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Short hair can look great. Depends on the woman and the style (stylist too). Long hair can also look terrible. I have no strong preference for either. Just depends. Both can look great.

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Wow! Will wonders never cease. I’ve found a second topic of strong agreement with @plethora. It just depends on the hair and the person’s face. My wife is of Asian ancestry and has always worn here hair down below her waist. I think it looks great. I thought Hillary Clinton’s new hairdo for Chelsae’s wedding looked terrific too. Whatever works for the particular woman and the look she wants to project works for me.

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Older women do seem to give up the long hair. I appreciate all hair length, except for bald, of course.

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Yes, on the whole, they do. Long, loose, flowing hair is for the young.

However, when I made the decision a year ago to retire, I also said: that’s enough of those smart little professional haircuts. My life in the office is over. I’m going back to my bohemian roots. So I’m letting my hair grow out. Looks are one thing; satisfaction is another.

I also know from considerable prior experience that only the very shortest hairstyle is actually easier than long hair, at least for those of us with neither naturally curly nor naturally straight, silky, smooth, waveless and fuzzless hair. Anything longer than about an inch takes some fussing and often quantities of product as well. Whereas once I get beyond shoulder length I can stick it up in two seconds with a clip and a couple of pins, and I’m good to go.

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Short or long, it all depends on the woman and her attitude. I personally prefer my hair long. Before you get it cut, I would suggest trying on several short wigs to get a style in mind or to see if you’re ready for a short cut;).

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Don’t worry about the age stereotype. The wonderful thing about hair is that it can be cut off and then grown back. It’s really about what suits you best.

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I like them fully shaved.

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Totally depends on the woman. My grandmother only started letting her hair grow long after her 40’s and it has always looked great even when she started to color some grey coming in. I’m now in my 40’s and cut my waist length hair last year but most people spoke up (after the fact) and told me they like it better long. Go with what fits you best for the times. For me at work then the hair needed to be dialed in trimmed up, sleek and straight which was a pain in the rear to maintain. Long flowy wavy hair wasn’t giving me the polished edge people expected.

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I have been growing my hair and am almost at the stage where it’s all one length. I use clips, scrunchies, and wear a pony tail, braids, bunches or a bun with wisps. Wash, dry and go. Or forget about drying…just go.

@Blackberry; Don’t forget, please, that chemo has made many of us, men and women, bald for a period of time. Luckily hair eventually does grow back.

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@AmWiser I’ve actually had my hair cut extremely short before. I’ve just decided to return to my “roots”? Haha.

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Older or younger I don’t really like short hair, I mean hair to me is like the most beautyful asset a girl has

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I think it depends on much more than age. It can make you look strong and it can make you look like a dyke. It can look decent and it can look horrible.

Often it does say to the world that you no longer care how they see you. Your “looks” days are in the past. Now it’s time for ease and comfort.

In my opinion, long hair almost always looks better.

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hahahahaha that’s not short, the second :D

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@Ludy You may not be familiar with Audrey Hepburn or Twiggy.

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Still preffer long hair, sorry… :D

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@Ludy No apology necessary. I should have clarified my point. While some feel that they are attractive with short hair, it is not the hair style that makes or breaks a woman’s appearance. I find them both beautiful. And that is with only judging their book by their cover.

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I prefer longer hair because short hair was alot of work . I had to style it and such. Keep up with it. With longer hair, I can whip it a ponytail, use a head band. Does not take me longer to get out the door. I think though you should try it once in a life time. If your hair is extremely long .Please donate it to the Locks of Love. It will make you feel good and help people with cancer that don’t have hair, As other people have said it always grows back.

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I’m 50.5 and just trimmed my longer hair to a cute shoulder length cut, but still long enough for my pigtail moments. It depends on the woman, but, I don’t see myself going for the pixie cut ever. Not me at all.

I do have very healthy and soft hair, no ratty over processing, must be the vitamins and key lime pie. lol

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For most of our marriage, my wife has had long, beautiful honey-blonde hair. i came home one day, some 30 years later, and she had cut her hair into a pixie hairstyle. needless to say, i was shocked beyond shocked. to be honest, i did not like that hairstyle on her then, and still not until this day.

But, i will say this, i believe when women become older, their hair should be short. if not, it appears they are trying to be something they are not and thats younger. sorry.

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Sinatra was FURIOUS with Mia when she cut off her long, hippy-style hair. You can see the result in “Rosemary’s Baby.” By the way, their marriage ended shortly after that.

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Some can pull it off better than others, but, women for ages have kept their long hair and just put it up as they grew older.

I remember loving to watch my grandmother comb out her long flowing white hair and how deftly she braided it and pinned it up wth combs.
I most likely won’t take the granny route of days gone by but, my definition of ‘old’ doesn’t really begin for me for another 20 years at least. lol
I don’t think it has as much to do with trying to look young, ( I am very comfortable with my aging process ) as it does with what suits a womans overall look and presence.

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Just another part of my reasoning on this is: my hair is uber thick and uber curly. Having it longer takes a ton of time and work, as I have to apply several products and spray the hell out of it after I blow dry it. I hate my hair feeling crunchy from all the mousses, gels and hairspray.

Having it short takes me almost no time for the same exact reason- it’s uber thick and uber curly. All I have to do is wash it, put in a small amount of mousse to tame frizz and walk out the door. It curls up naturally and softly that way, without looking like a fro and without looking crunchy. I can also use a little “pommade” and pull my fingers through to straighten it if I want it to look more spiky and funky.

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i remember when i was young, my old Great Aunt told me that women over 30 should have short curly hair. she came from an era when that was probably the rule.

i had short hair in my early 30’s. the hairdresser did it and it looked sophisticated. however, after a few years i grew it out again. i figured i may as well have it longer now while i’m in my 40’s. i do get it colored professionally and cut often, so it does not look over processed or brassy, and it’s very soft. the cut is layered so it does not just hang – it has some shape to it. i like having styling options – down, pony, bun.

i think if an older woman (everyone knows the meaning of “older” means “older than me”) has long-ish hair and maintains it, it can look ok. if she has long hair and the ends are dead, not trimmed and frizzy, she would look better with a good layered cut. i am not a fan of really short hair like a boy’s, but there are women that do like that kind of style, and so to each his own.

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And poor Mia couldn’t even hold onto Woody.

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@SeventhSense: Or, to paraphrase, lucky Mia was able live long and prosper without Woody.

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Exactly…no great loss. lol

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I don’t know. I think Woody is “prospering” a bit more. She always struck me as a crazy woman though.

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@SeventhSense: And Woody seems sane and normal? He is the paradigm of the neurotic, intellectual Jew. No thanks. (I’ve had more than my share of the type.)

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Hahaha….he is a strange little man…neurotic is an understatement. lol

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I agree although he seems content with his wife Soon Yi and they’ve been together since 1992. Of course I’m attracted to my own brand of crazy woman. Every once in a while I forget and sleep with one of them.

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2SeventhSense, well, Woody is VERY short.

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I’ve had more than my share of the type.
@gailcalled, LOL! then be thankful you didn’t grow up in MY family.

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@Austinlad: I’m sad that it’s too late for you to meet my Aunt Beverly. She could outshout any of us (and that’s the only way to be sure that you’ve won the argument).

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I love it when threads derail, it’s fun to see all the comments! This is why I like the social section!!!

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Me too but I don’t see it as a derail…(administrators not withstanding). To me, the train is humming along fine. I just see it as a normal development of discussion.

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I prefer Mia with short hair (from back in the day)

I love a woman with a stylish pixie cut.

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She’s cute. She was rockin’ the “Twiggy do” back in the day.

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I think they look great with long or short hair. In my opinion, most don’t cut it short just because of the looks, but because they’re tired/don’t have time to take care of the long hair. This mostly goes for moms and career women.

For example, my mom has short hair because she’s a mother and doesn’t have the time/energy/want to take care of longer hair.

After her having my hair chopped off in 5th grade, though, I will never get my hair cut short ever again. (At least I hope I won’t. :] I have pictures to remind myself how much I hated it.)

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For the most part, I find it make them look older, even if they are not very Gray, but then, you do not know if the color you see is the color you see unless they don’t get to the salon quick enough and you see Gray roots.

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