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How do I find the question asking if anyone has used I want to answer it.

Asked by zzc (1135points) August 1st, 2010

I was following it, and then joined, and now can’t find it.

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Here it is. In the future, you can use the search function in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

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I had first read an article about and was very interested in it. Today I was seriously considering becoming a “Friend for Rent”, when I discovered Fluther, this question and the responses. I am a nurse and considering retiring, I’m 60. I was planning to practice longer, but management is unhappy that I am not faster using the computer. We just converted from paper charting to totally computer. It is the first computer charting I’ve ever done in 33 years. They also are unhappy because I “coddle” my patients, i.e. don’t make them get up and out sooner after having a general anesthetic, for a day procedure, and I, ” Spend too much time talking to patients and their families.” I have stayed in nursing for 33 years because I enjoy my patients, their families and helping them. So, I thought I would just retire, earn some money and help people through Like, “Besides enjoying music, plays, hot air ballooning….can be supportive, if you have a difficult situation, want to ask someone out for the first time and having trouble doing it, for instance, have to visit someone in a nursing home, or hospital, had a break up, need to break up, spouse in town on business and has a cold-you want chicken soup, juice and cough syrup delivered, birthday coming up and no one to give you a cake, want to provide something for the office staff and are clueless, want to be read to, listened to…..etc.” I like to help people, whether it’s needing company, having fun,or problem solving.

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@zzc I think you meant to post your answer ^^ on the other question, which can be found here (as KatawaGrey said). Just click on the red link, and it will take you there.

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