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Online, web-based alternatives for iPhoto (storing/organizing photos on the computer)

Asked by rexpresso (920points) August 1st, 2010

Please let me know of any quality tools that come to mind.

Of course goes without saying but I was looking for something more like iPhoto from Apple.

Doesn’t have to be free, I’ll consider later.

Please help how you need. Thanks.

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I use Photobucket. Is it any better or any worse than any other sites? I don’t know but that’s what I use and I’m happy with it, but my needs are pretty simple.

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picasa, flickr

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Picasa would work. It’s got a decent desktop client as well.

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I like ImageShack myself. Just be sure to mark things as Private (or make sure they are marked thusly).

Photobucket is better in some ways but also less reliable, at least for me. Maybe I am cursed?

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Flickr for sure.

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I like Picasa.

The desktop program for Picasa is wonderfully unobtrusive.

I stopped using Flickr because the free version has a 200 image limit. It doesn’t delete the extra photos, but they are impossible to find if you didn’t save the URL when they were visible.

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It is a matter of preference. The abovementioned solutions are all good. Some quick research should help you decide.

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