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What website are you addicted to?

Asked by silvermoon (753points) August 1st, 2010

Apart from Fluther what website are you currently addicted to and why do you think you have that addiction?

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Askville just because I have been there longer.

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Does Netflix count? I’m not addicted to the site as much as I am to the content, the streaming movies and T.V. But then, it is never really the site that you are addicted to, but its content.

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Right now Fluther and Askville, Youtube,and Gamehouse. Leaning more towards fluther.
@lillycoyote I was member of that I loved how you can watch a movie from your laptop.

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Haha, I recently sobered up from Menewsha. :) Wish I were still addicted, though….

Facebook, hands down. ;] Made the New Year’s resolution to be on FB more, and it completely backfired and turned me into a FB zombie.

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Lamebook, it mocks all the dumbasses and funny pictures on facebook.

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Fluther and facebook.

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Aside from Fluther,

StumbleUpon has me hooked in a frighteningly serious way.

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@Frenchfry I have a 24’ iMac that I bought about three years ago. It was a lot of money at the time, and they don’t make a 24” model anymore, but it is my everything machine. It’s my computer which I use for all things computerish, including surfing the net; it is my T.V.; I have an EyeTV tuner that connects to my cable, it hooks up to the coaxial cable from my digital set top box; it’s my DVD player and because it is hooked up to my internet broadband connection, I can watch any streaming movies and T.V. from any broadcast or cable station that has content available online, Hula, Netflix, all that. It’s great set up if you ask me.

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What is so great about Facebook?

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Facebook cuz of the games haha

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Addicted? Now that is funny! I have a passing interest in a very select few, although i’m more often on sport’s websites.

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If it counts, Juggle Chainsaws because I really want to be working on it. But also Chrontendo and Pre-Sonic Genesis because I like reading about other people doing what I’ve started working on; playing a system’s games in order.

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MLIA and Polyvore which is a fashion/art based site, it’s brilliant. Unfortunately also Facebook, truely an absolute addiction.

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so happy to have found the site ‘StumbleUpon’ by this question. I am now addicted to the photography stumble sites i have fallen into…. amazing stuff out there!

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StumbleUpon is friggin’ awesome. ^_^ I like the atheism support sites, and the recipes.

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@annaandthatsall: it’s funny you mention Polyvore – there was just an article in the NY Times Magazine about it – how the site is growing and popular with people around the world – how they make sets and how the site appeals to the fashion conscious. I had never heard of it but checked it out and it’s not my thing but i could see if someone is into clothes, that’s the place to check them out.

for me, it’s FB, Fluther, check my aol email – basic stuff. when i’m bored i’ll go back to FB and Fluther, instead of just shutting the computer off. then i feel guilty like i wasted time doing nothing and i should have been more productive in some other way.

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@Brenna_o for real tho! those facebook games are cray addicting for like 2 days..then you have to wait a week for your stupid spinach to grow and your on to something else.

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@Dewey420 Thats why you dont plant something that takes like 6 days to grow.. You plan stuff that take 4–12 hrs to grow and you wont run into that problem.. Or you play something like treasure isle where things dontgrow you dig for treasure. LOL

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@Brenna_o I was a wowhed for 2 years..then tried to ween off it with facebook and myspace..mobwars.mafia..then all the way down to the plant and city games. It’s true I would check my screen every 15 minutes to see if anything was “completed”. Eventually I hit a brick wall in all of them..the point where the waiting just isn’t worth the thrill anymore (for me anyway). I do like the mahjong tho and tetris. oh man has anyone played Magical Tetris for N64!? best tetris EVER!

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