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US forces will be leaving Afghanistan in what year now?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26811points) August 1st, 2010

The government says US troops are not leaving Afghanistan in the middle of 2011 that they will be there until the job is finished. What does that mean? What benchmark is there to finally say “mission accomplished”? And if the job is not going to be done in 2011 just when will it be finished and how many more years from today will it take?

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When our dependency on oil is through. Id say in a 10–15 years, when a large amount of vehicles run on electricity/hydrogen, we will no longer care about the middle-east.

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As long as there is money to be made we won’t leave.

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Some soldiers may leave but we will keep paying mercenaries. Mercenary forces do things the military would never consider like randomly shooting civilians, If and that is a big IF we draw down, I want all funds cut off to the mercenary forces. There is no way that our government should be paying for hit men in any country.

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The correct term is start leaving. According to the current plan (subject to change), troops will start leaving in 2011, pol-speak for we’re going to be there a very, very long time.

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The year the Afghan authorities can keep Taliban criminals in check on their own. The world cannot afford terror camps to reopen. But the world also needs to work on strategies that people lose their interest in visiting terror camps in the first place.

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Remember, there are still a lot of mineral resources in Afghanistan, that have been discovered by Soviet geologists decades ago and have been known to both the Soviets and the US since then. The US wants these resources for their corporations to exploit, too.
They will not leave until they are secured.

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Historically, America has stomped, outrageously all over the sensibilities of peoples foreign to their self interests, they have used every means available in order to coerce, corrupt, seduce, inebriate, drug, hobble, incarcerate or crush the opposition, it was only a matter of time before they confronted a hardcore resistance that would not respond to any of the traditional methods of subjugation….

So on that basis i think it will be some time, if ever, that most painful and humiliating of lessons will be learnt in Afghanistan. America is shadow boxing but adamant the knockout punch is coming. Completely mindless.

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Like a real game of Risk, our governments are placing our soldiers strategically in preperation for the New World Order.

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