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What do you think when you see someone with his/her fly down?

Asked by jfos (7380points) August 2nd, 2010

In the wise words of Hank from King of the Hill, “Take time each day to make sure your fly is up.”

How does a down fly influence the way you think about someone? Does it make you think he/she is dirty? Lazy? Vulgar? Careless?

Or do you not care?

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Makes me wonder how bad the level of our discourse has become today, when this question seems more interesting that most of the others.

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@Adirondackwannabe And what about individuals who have neglected to pull up the zipper on the crotch of their pants?

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Reminds me of trolling for fish, just different target and different bait.

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I usually help them out by yelling and pointing “Hey your fly is open!!” Doing that I know will help them to never do it again! Just doing my part!

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I have never noticed a woman with her fly down. Has this occurred with anyone else?

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I don’t care. Of course it depends on how they look and dress. You can tell if someone is a pervert flasher or if just forgetful. When I wear so many different belts and type of pants w/ so many different zippers and fastenings, I forget to zip up too at times! I get home and wonder if anybody noticed and if so why they haven’t told me. Then I realize that nobody noticed. When I notice on other people in public, I quietly tell them their zipper is undone. I might ask,” What do planes do when a storm comes upon them? They “fly low” is my answer !!!

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(examine your zipper).

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I giggle… no idea why – grasping for amusement perhaps.

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Pray that there is no slippage (out-of-age) of Lowly worm.

Hopefully, he has gotchies on.

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“If you don’t zip that up I might zip mine down and then anything could happen, you are the chosen one, but are you sure you’re ready?”

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I tell them their fly is open.

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I quietly mention it and would appreciate if someone did likewise for me.
Pretty simple.

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I can safely say i’ve never looked at another guys crotch. Can’t say i’ve noticed it on a woman either. Now a strategically unbuttoned blouse… ya talkin ;¬}

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Always wonder if I should tell them or just let them live with the consequence of their own actions.

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Hey @ucme I see you. Your fly’s undone. ;-)
I notice things like that.

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@worriedguy But i’m typing naked!! You dirty dirty bugger XD

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I think: what a ho

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You will not fully understand the question until you reach at least 70. As you get older, you become forgetful and sometimes after putting on your pants, you forget to zip them. Hopefully your wife will tell you. If not, hopefully someone during the day will tell you.

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I don’t think anything of it. I might tell them. My friend’s fly was down the other day and I told him “XYZ”. He’s super nice, super attractive, and that little mistake is not going to affect my opinion of him. Anyone can miss something like that; it doesn’t mean a person is lazy or trashy or anything like that.

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It’s usually a family member, and I just say “Ooops, zipper”.

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I think “someone should tell them to zip up.”

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