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Do some companies routinely throw out resume's from out-of-state applicants?

Asked by GeorgeGee (4925points) August 2nd, 2010

I can understand that they’d want to avoid large moving costs, but if you’re hoping to relocate to the other coast, is subterfuge necessary? Should I list my address as a friend’s who lives in that state?

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Can you write a thoughtful few sentences in your cover area about how much you’re looking forward to moving to the area? That seems the most honest way to do it to me.

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I have done that. But I really did have a local place to stay, and I let them know I could start work immediately.

I also got a Skype phone number in the company’s area code and forwarded it to my cell.

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In the long run, it’s a lot cheaper to hire someone from out-of-state who is qualified and has the personality that fits than hire a local person who isn’t/doesn’t.

As a former hiring manager, your resume would go to the bottom of the pile once discovering that the address listed wasn’t your real one.

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I would never list an untruth on a job application. this could be grounds for dismissal later, once you are hired.

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I might throw out a resumé that uses an apostrophe rather than a simple “resumés” for the plural. And ditto for hilarious dangling participles.

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When my ex husband was searching for a job in another state, no one even gave him a second look until we changed the address to a local one. We were fortunate enough to own property in the city where he was job shopping so it wasn’t a lie that we had a local address. If you can, list a local address. FYI, once he had the interview he was upfront about the fact that we were relocating, he could be there immediately upon completing his two weeks notice, and that we were not asking for relocation expenses.

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@gailcalled Is that always necessary? I understand you know a lot about grammar, but really? It’s more obnoxious than the poor grammar.

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When we were relocating, we said in the cover letter that my husband wrote that we were relocating for my job and that we were not seeking relocation expense reimbursement.

That was sufficient to keep him in the “To Be Interviewed” pile.

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@Facade: I was talking about my hiring practices, and that’s a fact.

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They throw out résumés with apostrophes in plural nouns.

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Most companies are looking for a good fit in terms of experience, so if you can get that in your resume as succinctly as possible, they will not throw it out.

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from an hr guy: have a sentence or two on the application explaining that you are moving, or better yet, just list the local address. it’s not a lie, you can really stay there right? and that’s just to get you the interview. if you are willing/able to make it to interviews/relocate, then you can explain in the interview whatever you need to like “i can start next week.”

As an HR person, I don’t care where you are coming from as long as you can start when I need you to!

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Just curious…for those of you that would list a local address, but the majority of your belongings are in another location and would have to be moved, would you pay to have your things moved if the job were offered?

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I would ask if they have a relocation expense budgeted for the position. If not, then I would decide if the job was worth the 1–2k it would take to move (or however much).

Also, ot whoever is considering this, look up if there are Amtrak stations in/near your arrival and departure points that have “Amtrak Express” service. If so, you can ship LOTS of stuff for cheap (I shipped 600 lbs. of stuff for $250) It takes a week to receive and is a helluva lot cheaper than FedEx and most shipping companies.

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