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How popular is Blu-Ray these days?

Asked by camertron (2114points) August 2nd, 2010

My girlfriend wants to build a computer from scratch. I’m pretty knowledgeable in most areas of computer building having built several of my own, one last year. When I looked at Blu-Ray drives before, they were pretty expensive and just didn’t seem worth the extra money. Today though, I walk into Best Buy or Target or any other retailer and see Blu-Ray movies everywhere. My girlfriend @carly mentioned she’d like to include a Blu-Ray drive with her new computer – is Blu-Ray really the wave of the future?

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It’s the wave of the future at the moment, much like DVD was. It’ll pass eventually (I believe they’ve been working on the successor for a while now), but it’s here now. If it’s inexpensive enough there’s no reason not to get it, since it’ll also play DVDs. And if you get a Blu-Ray burner then it means more storage for whatever you’re going to store on it.

As far as the rest of the future goes, I think it’s going to lean more towards streaming than a solid medium.

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If you want HD you need Blu-Ray.

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I have a laptop with a blue ray drive. I love it. I also have a blue ray player hooked to my TV. I love them both. Blacks are darker and images seem to pop.

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“Blacks are darker and images seem to pop.”

That’s the 1080 working for you. Still compression artifacts.

Would have been nice if Blu-Ray would have provided uncompressed standard def videos.

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It certainly is, but DVD hasn’t said its last word yet, if only because Blu-Ray players are quite costly, and you also need a decent TV to play it on, plus HDMI wires and things. Not sure at all how this works on a computer though.

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“because Blu-Ray players are quite costly”
$115 is costly?

“you also need a decent TV to play it on”
You just need a new TV that is “HD”. Pretty much what they sell these days.

“Not sure at all how this works on a computer though.”
Computer just needs a Blu-Ray DVD player. Everything else is good to go.

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lol man, I remember when a 4X CD-ROM drive cost $75, and it was over $250 for the “Brand new! Lighting fast! Creative 12X CD-ROM!”
Then DVD came and CD-ROMs kept going up to 72X and no one cared.

For what it’s worth, I bought a Blu-Ray drive for my PC when it was on sale a year ago and with my Samsung 22” it is beautiful. But then again you have to have the hardware and the media player with the proper codecs which means paying for either WinDVD or PowerDVD or one of the many other brands out there.
I don’t see Blu-Ray becoming a major storage format in the near future purely based on the cost at the moment, however that could change very quickly. Also I agree with @mrentropy that soon everything will be streamed from online solid-state storage.

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