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What can cause a dripping water out from the air-conditioner on the wall ?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1914points) August 2nd, 2010

OMG, it is so hot today here and our air-conditioner start to drip water from his plastic outside. It is working fine, refrigerate fine.

I have cleaned it well, I checked he was not full of dust, but after several days of good work he started to drizzle again. Is it possible that something is frozen in his pipe?

Any idea what to check or clean or do?

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Air conditioners normally drip water. Are you saying it is dripping fro somewhere other than the normal outlet?

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@jaytkay , yes. Not from the pipe where it should.

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Water is normal. Maybe a drain is clogged. You should make sure the water as a safe place to go, so as not to damage your house.

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Sometimes the drain hole gets plugged. If this a small wall unit you can run a coat hanger or pipe cleaner up the hole to clean it out. It’s easy.

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This is so strange, now after half an hour of rest I put it back on and not more drips. How can that be? Don’t understand this air conditioner.

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Are you sure it’s not humidity (condensation) forming water on the vent. It may not be from the unit. When cold air hits plastic or metal with a high humidity rate in the air it will cause water drops to form on the plastic or metal. That water will fall. It is a lot like putting cold water in a glass and letting it sit on the table. Water drops form on the outside of the glass.

It could be a clogged drain pipe, or it could be condensation.

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@missingbite , you maybe right. We do have all the last days a very high humidity rate in the air. Now it’s fine, two hours ago it wasn’t.

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@Ranimi23 If it’s ok now, I would bet it’s the humidity. A clogged pipe would leak right away. That same pipe may be freezing up with the cold air and forming an ice blockage. When you turned it off, the ice melted and freed your blocked pipe.

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They all drip. Window units drip outdoors. Central units drip through tubing to the outdoors. If your interior wall is getting wet, the tubing may be clogged. You can try to clear it by blowing in it (forcefully) or using a wet/dry vacuum attached to the pipe outdoors where it drips. I have always had success by blowing into the tube—just disconnect it from the inside unit. If you pour ½ cup bleach down that tube monthly it will help keep it from becoming clogged.

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Missingbite got it, condensation’s forming around the rim. hot air + less hot surface = condensation.

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