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How do you clean hardwood floors?

Asked by skirts (5points) March 1st, 2007
I have noticed black patches on my hardwood floors other than redoing the floors is there a way to get out those black patches
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I have successfully used Bruce Deep Cleaner to remove black heel marks. Use a soft cloth and rub REAL hard, following the grain of the wood.
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i simply use white vinegar mixed with hot water. smells kinda nasty while you're doing it but works great and is safe for pets and kids and most importantly for the wood. Plus you can use it on other stuff too...linoleum, tile, wood cupboards, counter tops, glass shower doors, etc...
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To clean my hardwood floors, I use a Swiffer with product designed for hardwood floors. You can get it at any Target-type store.
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and when you get the black stuff off, murphy's oil soap. which smells delicious.
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