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What destination would you recommend for a tropical (island) paradise vacation?

Asked by kevbo (25649points) August 2nd, 2010 from iPhone

And why? Tahiti? Hawaii? I’ve never really taken a trip like this and am wondering if any one place is super special or whether the combination of beach, water, and umbrella drinks is fairly interchangeable.

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Figi would be my choice. It has a stable government. It is the perfect blend of tropical relaxation and activities.

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Rarotonga. It is in the Cook Island chain. It is a self-governing parliamentary democracy in free association with New Zealand. It still has some of the old charm of Hawaii 60 years ago. Where ever you go HAVE FUN!!

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I would go to Dominica. It is an amazing island, but it isn’t your sit in your cabana on the beach kind of place. It has a new beach around every corner—white sand, red sand, ebony sand, brown sand. It has mountains and gorgeous waterfalls and fumaroles and wonderful little towns and forts and dark mysterious rivers to the interior.

If you like walking and hiking and trips like that; if you like small beaches with no one on them; if you like small restaurants on a beach and a man selling coconut milk outside, you’ll like Dominica. Otherwise, go somewhere else. This island is not for everyone. It is billing itself as a place for eco-tourism. But it does not have huge broad white sand beaches dotted with umbrellas and giant resort hotels behind that. It does not have waiters wandering around the beaches serving drinks.

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Puerto Rico is next on my list. It’s relatively safe compared to Mexico, Peru, or a number of other travel destinations. It has history, tasty food, and great beaches. See you there.

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Are you set on it being an island? My recent Costa Rica trip was fantastic.

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@syz, we did go to CR about a year and a half ago, and it was a great trip. If we went back, we’d surely do the peninsula.

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Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand !

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Come to my country,the Indonesia. We have thousands of tropical islands,each has its own unique offers. OK,I will suggest the Nias Island(rumored to be the second best place for surfers after Hawaii),Pulau Raja Ampat (West Papua), Wakatobi(North east of sulawesi),Salayar (south Sulawesi),Walea (north Sulawesi), Mentawai Island,or you can just go to Bali and Bunaken in Manado.

You can also do these things on those places:





Wind Surfing


Jet Ski Sport

Power Boating


Sea Kayaking

Boat Racing

Whale watching

Sport Fishing.

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My husband and I loved Barbados.

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My favorite island i’ve visited would be St. Croix or St Thomas! Been to most of the Carribean Islands, but these are my favorites.

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I’d like to go to Bora Bora one day. It looks neat.

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Wow! I wish I could suggest one! My friend just said Kona, Hawaii. I haven’t been there.I would think it should be one where the “natives” are friendly. Have fun.

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Cuba, it’s right up your street. Might have to go via Mexico or Canada if you are a US citizen.

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Virgin Islands. Spread your legs…..sorry make that wings & fly away.

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I recommend the Kona side of the Big Island of Hawaii. Great beaches. Good food. Sport fishing. An active volcano on the island. Star gazing that is honestly the best on the planet.

PM me and I can recommend some hotels that might suit what you’re looking for.

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The British Virgins

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I’ve never been to an island vacation like that, but the Maldives looks really nice (at least the water does). :)

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