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How much is Dale Chihuly worth? (his net worth)?

Asked by iliveliv (4points) March 22nd, 2008

what kind of multi-millionaire is he? How much has he really sold out? What kind of car does he drive? How does he spend his money?

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I do know that he has a lap lane swimming pool in his home. The pool has a glass bottom with a lighted case underneath that holds some of his work, so that he can look at it while he swims. That’s about all I know, though other than where to find his work.

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all I know is…dale chihuly is THE MAN!

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He’s quite a captain of industry, if that’s what you mean by “sold out”. His paintings are terrible but he gets a lot of money for them, if THAT’S what you mean by “sold out”.
But he’s a living national treasure. His projects are immense – not just the physical projects but also the social projects – he takes big teams of glass artists to other countries and collaborates with big teams of local glass artists there to make big public works for whole cities to enjoy. Once he did a huge project using ICE instead of glass;
huge blocks of dyed ICE. Only by accumulating a lot of power, which you can only do by accumulating a lot of attention and hence cash, can people seem to do stuff like that.
That swimming pool, by the way, is utterly beautiful. It’s in a darkish
tall room so the light all comes from the amazing lit forms below the swimmer. And there’s an additional layer of plate glass between the swimmer and the scarey beautiful glass objects. It’s cool.

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way, way too much!

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